Inside how the director of ‘Skyscraper’ and The Rock teamed up to make a thrilling summer movie

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“Skyscraper” is the second time director Rawson Marshall Thurber and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have worked together, the first being the hit comedy “Central Intelligence.”
Thurber explained to Business Insider how he worked with Johnson on “Skyscraper.”
This included insight on the bidding war for the movie, and why the two felt the ending needed to be reshot.

The idea for “Skyscraper” came to director Rawson Marshall Thurber while editing his 2016 hit, “Central Intelligence.” The premise was simple: a guy has to get through a burning building full of terrorists to save his family. And looking at the screen in the editing suite, Thurber knew just the guy to play him.

“Skyscraper” marks the second time Dwayne Johnson and Thurber have worked together, but this is a very different project than “Central Intelligence,” an action comedy where The Rock and Kevin Hart throw out jokes while dodging bullets. This time, Thurber was looking for something different from his star.

Mixing “The Towering Inferno” with “Die Hard,” Thurber envisioned Johnson playing a man who is so determined to save his family that he will do insane things to save them, like jump off a crane hundreds of stories in the air, hold up a bridge on his own, and scale the outside of the building with just duct tape stuck to his hands.

Oh, and one other thing: “I told him, ‘You’re missing your left leg,’” Thurber recalled to Business Insider about his first talk with Johnson regarding the character. “And he just sat up in his chair and said, ‘I’m in,’ and we developed it together.”

What they came up with is a thrilling edge-of-your-seat summer movie that follows former FBI agent Will Sawyer (Johnson) who, after a horrific blast that took his leg, has rebuilt his life as a family man and skyscraper security assessor. His latest job is assessing the 240-floor Hong Kong skyscraper, The Pearl — touted as the largest building in the world. Will, with his family along for the business trip — becoming the first-ever residents of The Pearl — runs into trouble when terrorists show up to take over the building. And that’s when Will has to go into poppa bear mode.

The idea quickly became one of the hottest projects in Hollywood when Thurber and Johnson began pitching it to studios in May of 2016. Besides having the biggest action star in the world attached to it, an added bonus was that Thurber set the movie in China, a region studios have become obsessed with as it’s the fastest growing movie market in the world (and will surpass the US in the years to come as the biggest).

Needless to say, Thurber and Johnson were playing with house money.

“We went around town to 10 different buyers, and typically when you try to sell any pitch you get one, maybe two, offers, but on this one nine out of 10 places bid on it and the tenth didn’t bid because it was already priced out of their range,” Thurber said, noting the …read more

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