Drake lost his mind over a lollipop magic trick, and his reaction is genuinely priceless


On Tuesday, Drake met English street magician Julius Dein while at a London night club
Using only a lollipop, Dein performed a magic trick for Drake that had the rapper truly mesmerized.
Dein put the lollipop in his mouth and roughly ten seconds later removed the lollipop to show Drake it has been carved to look like Drake’s favorite superhero, Batman.

How do you impress a rapper like Drake who seems to always be caught up in his feelings? Why not try a simple magic trick?

On Tuesday, Drake was hanging out at the exclusive London nightclub Annabel’s when he met English street magician Julius Dein.

In theory, Dein’s magic trick seemed to be pretty simple. After pulling out a lollipop, Dein asked Drake to name his favorite superhero. Drake told Dein he loved Batman, and that’s when things got weird.

A post shared by Julius Dein (@juliusdein) on
Jul 11, 2018 at 7:09am PDT

Dein quickly put the lollipop in his mouth as Drake watched on with an incredibly quizzical look on his face. About 10 seconds later, Dein instructed Drake to pull the lollipop out of his mouth to reveal that it had magically been carved to resemble Batman’s face!

“What the f—” Drake exclaimed like any sane person would.

The trick is pretty incredible, as is Drake’s priceless reaction. As the video of the trick went across social media, people began relating to all the faces Drake made during the trick.

I’m dead lmfaooo pic.twitter.com/2zQ8j8y06a

— Riley Nembula 🐼 (@RileyNembula) July 12, 2018

Me reading my atm receipt 😂😂 #drake #meme #GIF pic.twitter.com/Vx8luO9eEL

— Moka mami’☕️ (@imsouledout) July 12, 2018

While others were far more concerned with how the magic trick was even done.

y’all talking bout drake but can we talk about how tf he turned that lollipop into batman i’m shook https://t.co/i4CqifYNEk

— tea (@theresa_albach) July 12, 2018

Ummm are we ignore the fact that this mans just turned a regular lollipop into a Batman lollipop…in his mouth…in seconds https://t.co/Xyigzt9sTY

— Al (@al_shadyy) July 12, 2018

With a trick like that, when Drake eventually tours his new album “Scorpion” he should definitely bring Dein on tour as his opening act.

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