Ashley Bautista: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Ashley Bautista, also known as Young Ash, is a young rapper who was arrested in New York City this week on suspicion of scheming to use her fans’ financial information in a scheme known as “card cracking”.

Bautista pleaded “not guilty” to grand larceny in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday.

Court documents charge that Bautista and 5 other defendents “obtained victims’ personal information, deposited forged checks, and used ATM cards to withdraw funds from the accounts as part of a coordinated scheme known as “card cracking.”

The Manhattan District Attorney says Bautista’s co-defendents took pictures of people’s checks and used those photographs to forge new checks. The DA says that Bautista leveraged her huge social media following to entice more people into the scheme.

The charge says, “ASHLEY BAUTISTA, 22, used social media to bring others into the scheme, posting ads on Snapchat and offering individuals money in exchange for use of their ATM cards and bank accounts so that the forged checks could be deposited into the accounts by MOLINA, HENRIQUEZ, and others.”

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Bautista’s Huge Social Media Following Allegedly Allowed Her to Act As a “Recruiter” in the Scheme

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Bautista has 366,000 followers on Instagram alone. Her Facebook page has 738,087 followers. She puts up a lot of pictures of herself, her concerts, and her travels for her fans to look at.

But Bautista’s Twitter account, which has many fewer followers, is full of pictures of wads of cash, with captions saying, for example, “If you serious about making money RT & I’ll inbox u.. Don’t waste my time”.

The DA’s office charges that Bautista also posted ads on Snapchat. The DA says that Bautista offered people money in exchange for letting her, and her co-defendents, use their bank accounts so that the forged checks could be deposited into their accounts. The DA also says that the defendents then withdrew the money from the accounts using people’s ATM cards.

2. One of Bautista’s Co-defendents Was a Concierge at a Luxury Building, Where He Had Access to Personal Checks

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One of Bautista’s co-defendents is a man named Gabriel Molina. Molina was a “concierge” at a luxury apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. One of his jobs was collecting rent checks from tenants in the building.
The DA’s office charges that Molina was secretly taking photographs of the rent checks. He and his co-defendents would then, allegedly, use those photographs to create convincing forgeries of checks.

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