Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accuses Joe Crowley of mounting a 3rd party bid against her in a Twitter fight

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Joe Crowley

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the progressive insurgent who won a stunning victory against Rep. Joe Crowley in New York’s Democratic primary last month, accused Crowley of mounting a third party bid against her.
Crowley responded that he is not running, but is refusing to take his name off the ballot as the candidate endorsed by the Working Families Party.
WFP is calling for the congressman to register to vote in Virginia, where he has a home, in order to have his name taken off the ballot.

After being celebrated for their collegiality following progressive insurgent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stunning victory over Rep. Joe Crowley in New York’s Democratic primary last month, the new Democratic nominee and the longtime incumbent launched into a Twitter war on Thursday.

Ocasio-Cortez made the rift public when she tweeted that Crowley is keeping his name on the general election ballot as the nominee for the Working Families Party, which endorsed him during the election. She asserted that the congressman was, in fact, mounting a third party challenge against her — and that he had ignored her attempts to speak by phone.

.@repjoecrowley stated on live TV that he would absolutely support my candidacy.

Instead, he’s stood me up for all 3 scheduled concession calls.

Now, he’s mounting a 3rd party challenge against me and the Democratic Party- and against the will of @NYWFP.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) July 12, 2018

Crowley soon responded — also via Twitter — to explain that he is not running for the seat, and that it was Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign that had ignored his team’s attempts to set up a call.

Alexandria, the race is over and Democrats need to come together. I’ve made my support for you clear and the fact that I’m not running. We’ve scheduled phone calls and your team has not followed through. I’d like to connect but I’m not willing to air grievances on Twitter.

— Joe Crowley (@JoeCrowleyNY) July 12, 2018

Elevating the dispute, a Crowley campaign spokesperson, who spoke anonymously to The Daily Beast, accused Ocasio-Cortez and her aides of lying about their attempts to organize a call with Crowley’s campaign.

“She’s lying and that’s wrong and it’s beneath the office she’s about to serve,” the spokesperson said. “Her team knows that this is not true and she knows that this is not true.”

As for the ballot issue, New York state election laws require a candidate to either register to vote in another state or switch their candidacy to another electoral office in order to have their name removed. (The only other ways a candidate can be taken off the ballot is if the person dies or commits a felony).

Crowley says that he will not change his residency (he owns a home just outside DC, in the Virginia suburbs) or allow himself to be nominated for another electoral position, which he said he considers illegal.

“I don’t plan on moving out of New York, have a clean record, hope …read more

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