13 retail workers share horror stories that prove the customer isn’t always right


From terrible customers to nasty surprises in dressing rooms, many retail workers feel like they’ve seen it all. And they can definitely tell you the customer isn’t always right. Thankfully, most retail workers have strong levels of patience and tolerance, because shopping would be nearly impossible without their hard work and patience.

Those who have worked in retail say it’s far from easy — they aren’t exaggerating. We rounded up some of the worst retail horror stories from Reddit.

Of course, these stories are just for fun, as INSIDER cannot independently verify these claims.

“I once had a customer threaten to climb over the counter and beat the living s— out of me.”

“I used to work at a grocery store in the deli department back in college. I once had a customer threaten to climb over the counter and beat the living s— out of me because we were out of potato bacon soup. After the customer was escorted out by loss prevention, I was pulled aside by my department manager. She said, verbatim, ‘I’m really sorry that happened … but why weren’t we making sure the soups were properly stocked?'” – Redditor PlainSaltines

They were yelled at for doing their job.

“I worked at a craft store. A lady was buying a feather boa without a price tag. I had to run to get the price. I come back … she goes ‘I just want you to know … you’re disgusting. This is for my baby’s photoshoot and you put your dirty hands all over it.'” – Redditor -millennialfalcon-

A customer used the merchandise as toilet paper.

“Τhe customer who took a s— in one оf my fitting rooms and then wiped hіs a– with a $125 ѕhirt. Nothing more needs to be said.” – Redditor Sufiguru1137

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