11 Best Liquid Palisades: Compare, Buy & Save (2018)

I absolutely didn’t think I needed liquid palisade.

When I was first getting into nail art, I was on a budget and figured I’d just use nail polish remover. It couldn’t be that much of a hassle to clean up my nail art.

I was incredibly wrong. The first time I tried to clean up a sponge-on gradient with nail polish remover, I about gave up nail art. It took forever, it smudged my nail art, and did I mention it took forever?

That day I ordered my first liquid palisade and I am never going back.

How does it work?

Liquid nail barrier tapes work by covering up the parts of your finger that you don’t want nail polish on. You paint the barrier liquid all around your nails and underneath your finger tip (depending on how messy your nail art technique is) and then, once it’s dry, do your nail art magic.

After you’ve applied your polish, you pull off the barrier tape before the polish is dry and you suddenly have pristine fingers. If you wait until the polish has dried to remove your tape, you’re going to have ragged, uneven edges.

It does take a little time to get the technique down and figure out just how close to your nail you want your latex to be. Keep practicing and it will become a timesaver.

(If you’re hooked on nail art hacks, DIY & Crafts has a great list of easy hacks with stuff probably already in your home.)

Manicure saving nail tape tips from personal experience.

Do not, under any circumstances apply liquid nail barrier to all of your fingers at once unless someone else is doing your nails. They will stick to each other, get pulled off prematurely, and smudge your polish.

Only apply the nail barrier to a couple of nails at a time and space them out if you can to prevent sticking.

Don’t wait to have all your nails done before pulling up the tape. Apply your messy layer of polish or stamping to one finger and remove the barrier right way before moving on.

What does barrier tape work for?

This kind of protection works for any messes related to nail stamping, water marbling, dry marbling, gradient sponging, glitter sponging, nail chrome powder, and even just applying nail polish to make slips a breeze to clean up which can be especially nice for younger kids who want to paint their own nails.

How to tell which one is right for me?

Most of the differences in quality liquid nail barriers have to do with appearance and how quickly it dries–but the biggest determining factor is latex allergy.

If you are allergic to latex, pay special attention to your choices because most liquid palisade options are latex-based. Not all are and I am including several latex-free nail barriers so everyone can enjoy the convenience of nail tape.

Can’t you just buy bulk liquid latex?

Sure, you can pick up a big jug of latex …read more

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