Tishana Holmes, Pacman Jones’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tishana Holmes was with her husband, Adam “Pacman” Jones, when he was involved in a brawl at Atlanta airport on July 10. The video, which was first posted by TMZ, showed Jones engaging an airport employee, identified as Frank Ragin, after Ragin allegedly made some kind of a gesture towards Jones. Jones can be seen landing multiple punches on Ragin as the airport worker attempts to defend himself.

Police have taken Ragin into custody after the fight. Ragin is accused of being the instigator. TMZ reported that Ragin is accused of injuring Holmes’ hand. Both Jones and Holmes refused medical treatment and left the airport after the fight.

Jones and Holmes were married in June 2014 after years of dating. The couple has three children together, two daughters, Zaniyah and Triniti, as well as a son, Adam Jr.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jones Said in 2016 that His Wife Has Him ‘on Lockdown’

During a 2016 interview with Bleacher Report, Jones spoke about how much golf he plays. He was then asked if his wife “ever cracks the whip in regard to all the golf he plays.” He replied, “I wouldn’t say she has me on lockdown… No, she does have me on lockdown. She lets me get out on the course whenever I want, but you can’t play every day. She’ll say, “Don’t forget about me and the family!” It’s a love-hate relationship with golf, but I think she understands how much I care for the game. It relaxes me.”

In a separate feature for Fox Sports, it says that Jones was playing so much golf that Holmes complained to his agent, Peter Schaffer, about it. Schaffer is quoted as saying, “My response is always that I’ve never seen a player get in trouble on a golf course.”

2. Her Daughter, Triniti, Was Born More than 4 Months Premature

In 2011, Jones and Holmes’ daughter, Triniti was born at 24 weeks, more than four months premature. The couple told Bleacher Report that after spending a month with their daughter at a hospital in Ohio, they were finally able to bring her home. A 2015 Journal of the American Medical Association report says that only one third of babies born at 23 weeks survive. When asked about being a family man, Jones told BR, “I do not take it for granted. You might think I’m just bulls**tting with you, but I swear to God to you, my girls are everything that I’ve got in the world. I love my mom to death and I love my wife, too, but there’s nothing that can separate me from my girls.”

Holmes gave birth to the couple’s first son, Adam Jr. aka Lil Pacman, in November 2017, hours before Jones had been due to play for the Bengals.

3. In September 2013, Holmes Was Arrested After Refusing a Field Sobriety …read more

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