10 vegan menu items you need to try at your favorite fast-food chains


Eating out as a vegan can difficult. Salads get boring and sandwiches stuffed with lettuce and not much else are bland and unappetizing. Luckily, popular fast food chains like Taco Bell and Domino’s have started catering to a vegan-specific audience. Although the options are limited, this is a delicious step in the right direction.

We rounded up some of the vegan options you can take advantage of at your favorite chains.

Chipotle’s Sofritas are exactly what the Tex-Mex fast food chain needed.

While Chipotle has an assortment of vegan options, including their fajita vegetables and yummy beans, the chain’s Sofritas is the meat-alternative vegans didn’t know they needed. Wrap your sofritas in a warm flour tortilla and top with plenty of guac and salsa for the ultimate vegan lunch.

Taco Bell knows how to cater to vegans.

While their commercials might tout a plethora of meat items, eating vegan at Taco Bell isn’t difficult. In fact, the chain released its own guide to eating vegan at its establishments, and it all sounds pretty good. My favorite? The Crunchwrap Supreme — hold the beef, sour cream, and cheese, and request black beans instead.

Burger King’s fries are safe to eat!

Vegans rejoice because Burger King’s fries aren’t made with animal fat. In addition to having real fries, vegans can enjoy BK’s French Toast Sticks for breakfast and Dutch Apple Pie for dessert.

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