The highest calorie menu items you can order from 20 fast-food chains

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Most people don’t go to fast-food restaurants for something to eat with the intention of being healthy. We all know that, more often than not, fast-food chains sell us items that are high in calories, saturated fats, sugar, and sodium — it’s just easy to forget that when what you’re eating tastes so good.

That said, hearing the actual amount of calories that is in your favorite to-go item can still be jarring. Some popular fast food items that make up just one meal, or even just part of one meal, can have as many calories as you should be consuming in one entire day.

This might put a bit of a damper on your order, but it’s definitely important to know the nutritional value of what you’re eating. It’s also important to remember that calories aren’t everything and you should be keeping in mind the full picture of the foods you’re consuming.

Below are the highest calorie menu items you can order from the main menu at some of the most popular fast-food chain restaurants.

Arby’s: Triple Decker Sandwich

Sandwiches might seem like they can’t be too high in calories, but the Triple Decker option from Arby’s packs a bunch. At 1,030 calories, it’s the highest on the menu, and that’s because of everything on it: oven-roasted turkey breast, pit-smoked ham, roast beef, pepper bacon, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, mayo, spicy brown mustard, onion, tomato, and lettuce, all on toasted honey wheat bread.

Boston Market: Meatloaf Carver

Clocking in at 960 calories, the Meatloaf Carver from Boston Market is actually on the lower end of this list. It’s not hard to see how it has so many calories: this hearty sandwich is meatloaf on top of a thick roll, with cheese and ketchup to boot.

Burger King: The Rodeo King Sandwich

This giant burger contains 1,250 calories, which is almost the same amount of calories that some people consume over the course of an entire day. Made with two flame-grilled beef patties that come out to more than a half pound of beef, thick-cut bacon, onion rings, American cheese, barbecue sauce, and mayo, it’s not hard to see how it got there.

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