Universal Orlando is selling ‘Jurassic World’ treats this summer — here’s where you can find them

Jurassic world treats universal

Universal Orlando Resorts is selling three “Jurassic World”-themed treats to commemorate the release of the movie.
It’s also the 25th anniversary of the first “Jurassic Park” movie.
The treats range in price from $3.29 to $7.45 and can only be found in Universal’s Islands of Adventure’s Jurassic Park area.
INSIDER tried the three treats during a recent visit and emailed with the park’s executive sous chef Robert Martinez, Jr. about the inspiration behind the desserts.
He has been with Universal Orlando Resort for 17 years.
The three dino treats will be available through the end of July.

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is in theaters and if you can’t get enough of dinosaurs, Universal Orlando Resorts have a few sweet dino-themed treats for fans to coincide with the movie’s release.

INSIDER tried all three “Jurassic World”-themed treats during a recent visit to Universal Orlando. While the first two desserts are sugar cookies, it’s the third one you’ll want to seek out.

The Raptor Egg isn’t only perfect for Instagram, but beneath the dino egg shell is a moist chocolate cake resembling dirt that is so good you’ll want seconds.

Executive sous chef Robert Martinez, Jr. told INSIDER via email it took about a month to come up with the “Jurassic” themed items. The trio of treats will be available at Universal’s theme parks through the end of July to celebrate the film’s release.

Here are the three “Jurassic World”-themed treats you can find around Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

1. Dinosaur Track cookies

Price: $3.29
Where to find it: Pizza Predattoria

If you’re looking for a simple dino-themed cookie that’s light but has a flair for the jurassic era, then you may want a dino track cookie.

If you want to get the perfect photo, we recommend heading to the bottom floor of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center located at the heart of Universal’s Islands of Adventure. There are several dinosaur exhibits for kids. But it’s the rock wall that serves as an especially good background for the dino tracks.

2. The “Jurassic Park” logo cookie

Price: $3.29
Where to find it: Pizza Predattoria

“We wanted incorporate the raptor since Blue is such a big part of the ‘Jurassic World’ franchise but also keep familiar elements of the T. rex logo for the old school fans of Jurassic Park,” said Martinez, Jr.

The icing around the edges is sweet, but savory. This was our favorite out of the two sugar cookies because of the iconic T. rex logo at the center. The little hint of Owen’s raptor blue makes it a perfect marriage between the old and newer franchise.

3. The Raptor Egg

Price: $7.45
Where to find it: Burger Digs and Thunder Falls Terrace

If you want to take a photo of this treat as soon as you see it, that’s what the team was hoping for. Martinez, Jr. said this was made specifically for fans to post on social media.

“The raptor egg was something that was really fun and just made for a tasty Instagram picture,” he said. This item in particular proved …read more

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