5 Dead Island Survivors Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Dead Island Survivors Tips

Clearing out zombies seems to a theme within gaming never grows old.

There’s a high fun factor attached to the activity of defending you and your group of survivors from bloodthirsty walkers. Dead Island is just one of those IP’s that puts you across from a variety of zombies as you fight for survival with custom-made melee weapons and firearms. The former console-exclusive series has finally transferred its experience to mobile within Dead Island Survivors. In order to make sure you collect, build, fight, and survive to the best of your ability, we’ve concocted a how-to guide on how to conquer the game.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Dead Island Survivors:

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1. Know Your Heroes’ Strengths and Play Accordingly


• So there’s nine heroes in total that you’ll unlock over time – Sam B (playable from the start), Marshanda, Logan Carter, Cody Richards, Nomad, Kylie Q., Banzan, Zara, and John Morgan. You can head into the “Item Collection” menu to see the when you’ll get the chance to add each character to your roster. As you play with each character, take note of their strengths and weaknesses.

• For instance, Sam B is a tank that can absorb more damage than his counterparts. This gives him the ability to keep zombies situated near traps while he attacks them relentlessly and soaks up all their attacks. Marshanda’s good at moving swiftly and taking down high HP targets. Use her to move in on incoming hordes, lay in some damage, then quickly back out. Her HP is a bit low, so sticking and moving with her is the way to go. After you unlock a new character, study up on them to get an idea of how they excel and falter during missions.

2. Complete Loot Missions and Loot Horde Tasks Before Survivor Horde and Reactivate Misions


• There’s a ton of goods you’ll need to collect in Dead Island Survivors – Metal (needed to construct traps), Cash (needed to upgrade Cards and purchase Consumables), Gems (needed to revive your character when killed in battle and purchase a variety of goods), and Workers (needed to open suitcases and boost your traps).

• When you step onto a new island, you should focus on competing Loot Missions and Loot Horde tasks before anything else. You’ll acquire much of those aforementioned goods just by successfully completing these mission types. You’ll need to amass plenty of Metal, Cash, and Gems in order to properly prepare yourself for tough Survivor Horde and Reactivate Missions. The rewards you earn from beating Loot Missions and Loot Horde tasks are much better than the ones you receive from Survivor Horde and Reactivate Missions. So focus on getting those much needed goods before you attempt to get new survivors and reactivate traps.

3. Get the Lay of the Land So You Know Where to Place Traps and When to Interact With Various Obstacles


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