Does Harry Kane Have a Wife? Is He Married?

Harry Kane has been one of the best players of the World Cup, but his long-time

Kane and Goodland have known each other since high school, but has had to adjust to life in the spotlight. July has been a big month for Kane and Goodland. Last July, the couple got engaged in the Bahamas. This July, they are expecting to have their second child. England has also made a deep run in the World Cup, so they are hoping to add a World Cup title to the July list.

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Harry & Katie Have a July Due Date For Their Second Child

Goodland is set to give birth to the couple’s second child sometime in July 2018. With England’s deep World Cup run, some fans are worried the birth could cause Kane to miss time in the tournament. One of Kane’s teammates, Fabian Delph, was in a similar position, and has missed time to stay with his wife in England. While not speaking directly about Kane, England manager Gareth Southgate was supportive of Delph’s decision, and it would be safe to assume he would support Kane making the same decision as well.

“[Fabian] has my full support,” Southgate explained to Hello Magazine. “He’s buying his wife curries to try and aid the speed of process! But it’s a bit of perspective in life. There’s only one day in your life when your child is born. I know my father’s generation would view that differently, but you have to be there for your family.”

Katie Has Had to Get Used to Being a Public Figure, Even While Walking Their Dogs

Kane’s rise to become an international star has been a slow process. It is something Goodland, who has known Kane since high school, is still getting used to. Goodland has been pushed into the spotlight, something she is not entirely comfortable with.

“We went to school together, so she’s seen my whole career,” Kane explained to Esquire. “Of course, she’s finding it a little crazy. I think she’s even been in the papers a couple of times taking the dogs out.”

The Couple Has 2 Dogs Named After Tom Brady & Russell Wilson

Kane became a huge NFL fan after watching The Brady 6 documentary about the six quarterbacks drafted ahead of Tom Brady. Like Brady, Kane took a similar path of an underdog, and has become an admirer of his game from afar. Kane has become such a big American football fan that he named their two dogs (Labradors) Brady and Wilson after the quarterbacks. Goodland is not as big of a fan, once posting “Hate Sundays #redzone” on social media, per Sports Illustrated.

“I fell in love with the story,” Kane noted to Sports Illustrated. “What he [Brady] had to do to prove everyone wrong—it was a similar situation to myself.”

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