What to Pack for a Cruise: 10 Essential Items

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When it comes to what to pack for a cruise, we’re assuming you have the basics covered. You’ll remember your swimming suit and a formal outfit, t-shirts, pajamas, and other necessities. But there are some essentials you might forget to pack, or might not even think of at all. These ten items will make your cruise experience so much better, by saving you trips to the bar to get water (or from having to flag down waitstaff), keeping your cell phone dry, ensuring you see dolphins and other wildlife up close, and more.

More than 20 million people take cruises each year. Stock up on these items now so you’re not lined up with crowds trying to buy something you forgot during your time off the boat. If you’re not sure what to pack for a cruise, follow this list and rest easy knowing your belongings are safe, your clothes won’t be wrinkled, and you’ll have the perfect quick dry cover up to take you from poolside to cocktails. Happy cruising!

1. Sunscreen


This seems like an obvious one, but if you forget it, you’ll end up paying much, much more at some touristy port pharmacy. Buy this double pack on Amazon and save yourself dollars (and a sunburn).

We like sport sunscreen for cruises because it stays on through sweat and time at the pool or beach. The spray feature helps you access hard to reach spots, so you don’t end up with splotches of color. Coppertone delivers broad spectrum UVA/UVB cover that protects from 98 percent of the sun’s most harmful rays, so you know you’re keeping your family’s skin safe. This double pack of SPF 50 also has Vitamin E and moisturizers, helping to keep your skin in good shape even after lots of time in chlorine.

Price: $12.32

Buy the Coppertone Sunscreen Spray here.
2. Polarized Sunglasses


There’s nothing like looking out over seemingly endless water while cruising along, but sometimes the sun hitting the water can create extra irritating brightness. Polarized sunglasses reduce the glare reflected off the water while protecting your eyes. The lenses are UV400. They also restore true color to things, so you know the view you’re getting isn’t tinted, but the real deal.

These Merry sunglasses are unisex and work well on most face shapes. The metal frame is lightweight, something users loved about them. They’re also very affordable for the quality. They’re perfect for lounging by the pool, but durable enough to withstand adventure activities like rafting, zip lining, and other opportunities at each destination.

Price: $12.25

Buy the Polarized Sunglasses here.
3. Downy Wrinkle Releaser


Unlike hotel rooms, cruise cabins don’t come with irons (they’re a fire hazard). Keep your linens and formal outfits wrinkle-free with Downy Wrinkle Releaser. All you do is spray, shake, then smooth our your clothes. The wrinkle release is pretty effective, though as one Amazon user said it’s recommended “you dewrinkle the night before you plan on wearing your items, because …read more

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