Meghan Markle appeared to ask the queen who should get into the car first — and it proves she’s still learning the royal ropes

Meghan Markle and the queen

Meghan Markle had a slightly awkward moment during her first solo official outing with the queen.
As the two approach their car, Markle seems to be confused about who should get into the vehicle first.
She asks the queen, “What’s your preference?” as the queen allows her to enter first.

Meghan Markle hit yet another major milestone on Thursday by attending her first official joint engagement with the queen without Prince Harry. The two took an overnight royal train ride to Cheshire, UK, and looked like a perfect duo in contrasting outfits.

Though Markle looks like an absolute natural next to the queen, there was a brief moment captured by LBC where it became clear that she’s still new to the tricky world of royal protocol.

As the two approach the car, Markle has a moment of hesitation while trailing behind the queen. She seemingly looks around for a little guidance from those around her regarding who should get in first. According to Hello!, she turns to ask the queen, “What’s your preference?” The queen then gestures for Markle to enter before her.

The charming moment Meghan asks about protocol on who should get into the car first… and the Queen lets her go first on their first Royal Engagement together.

— LBC (@LBC) June 14, 2018

People are having mixed responses to the moment. Some think it was a bit “clumsy” that she didn’t already know the queen’s preference.

Surprised she still hasn’t been taught or mastered the protocol as yet. Rather clumsy to be discussing it in public.

— Mixed Metaphor (@coachnhorses11) June 14, 2018

The queen obviously? Why would megan get in first? Even if she wasn’t the queen it’s generally good manners to let an elderly person sit down first

— Ashley J Davies (@Ashley_DaviesJ) June 14, 2018

Others think it was polite for Markle to ask.

Anybody if her age should have provided for an older person’s comfort first! What manners !

— Graham Hewstone 🗺️🗼🏉🎸🇪🇺🏴🇫🇷 #FBPE (@HewstoneGraham) June 14, 2018

That was a sweet moment. Our Queen knows just how to make someone feel special.

— Jackie P (@Jackie___P) June 14, 2018

See a true lady ,lovley to see 😍😍😍😍😍

— Debra Davitt (@DebraDavitt) June 14, 2018

Markle has reportedly been taking Duchess lessons at the queen’s request, and it looks like car etiquette hasn’t been covered yet. Considering all the new rules Markle has to get used to, this is a rather understandable and even relatable moment.

Markle also seemed to turn to Prince Harry for her cue to curtsy during Saturday’s Trooping the Colour, so it seems like she has no problem turning to her royal family members for some extra guidance.

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Source:: Business Insider


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