Destiny 2 Forsaken Interview: Uldren, the Scorn & Post-Game Content

Destiny 2 Forsaken release date

Destiny 2’s first major expansion – Forsaken – has been revealed and is set to release on September 4. This DLC has players traveling back to The Reef with Vanguard’s very own Cayde-6 to stop a prison escape. Boasting a new campaign, locations, characters, and loot this is undoubtedly the biggest piece of content for Destiny 2.

Then Bungie dropped a big surprise on the community via an E3 trailer that showcased Cayde-6 getting gunned down by the Awoken Prince, Uldren. We got a chance to speak with Forsaken’s project lead Scott Taylor and Bungie’s game director Christopher Barrett about the story and post-game content.

Heavy: Killing off Cayde-6 was certainly a surprise, but another one was who actually pulled the trigger. Why did you decide to make Prince Uldren the main villain for Forsaken?

Barrett: So without spoiling the story, because I think there’s going to be a lot of interesting stuff to discover for players about what is Uldren’s motive and why did that happen. The thing we’re really excited about is having a villain who is relatable in some way.

Who isn’t necessarily a big monster, but is someone who has motives that potentially is someone who can speak to you and tell you what he’s thinking. Having that kind of character as a nemesis or an antagonist in the game I think is going to be really cool and I think that will play out as players play through the experience.

I think also, Uldren is a character that we’ve seen before so it’s not just a new character that players haven’t seen. Players already have some feeling about Uldren from Destiny and maybe people had some differing opinions about Uldren.

He was not necessarily a super helpful, friendly character in Destiny either, so I think some of that is potentially in his character a little bit. You weren’t sure whether he was on your side or not even in Destiny so I think the character kinda worked perfectly that way.

Heavy: So is it safe to assume that Uldren was responsible for the Fallen Barons escaping?

Taylor: Early on in the campaign you learn that, yes, they are working together. What appears to be at first a prison riot is a prison break. They have larger goals than just killing Cayde – Uldren especially is looking to achieve something.

Heavy: Is there a specific House these Fallen reside under or are they from different factions?

Taylor: These are part of what we’re calling the Scorn. They are reanimated. They’ve died many times and have been resurrected. They were Fallen at one point, but they have changed into something else. I don’t believe they are affiliated with any house. Is that right?

Barrett: Yep, they are a new faction, a new group called the Scorn. They have been resurrected. Think of them as Fallen zombies, Fallen undead – that kind of thing. So they’re going to be pretty terrifying. They have a lot of new abilities and gameplay that we haven’t seen from the Fallen.

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