After buying PureWow, Gary Vaynerchuk’s company is launching a new men’s media brand meant to capture the collision of entrepreneurship and pop culture


After buying women’s lifestyle media brand PureWow in 2017, Gary Vaynerchuk’s company is launching its first new media brand under the Gallery Media Group umbrella.
One37pm will be a young men’s brand meant to capture the collision between pop culture and entrepreneurship (“the grind”).
There will be no negative stories and no wall between the advertising and editorial teams, much the same as PureWow.
Gallery Media Group head Ryan Harwood sees this as just the start, and says the company could build or buy other media properties in the coming months.

When serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk bought PureWow in early 2017, the plan was to use the women’s lifestyle media company to launch a suite of brands under the leadership of its CEO Ryan Harwood.

After about 16 months tinkering under the hood, “Gallery Media Group” is finally having its coming-out party with the introduction of a new men’s brand called One37pm (stylized “ONE37pm”), which will focus on pop-culture topics like style, music, and sports, through “the lens of entrepreneurship.”

This isn’t a business publication, strictly speaking. “Entrepreneurship,” in this case, is meant to signify the broader mindset of how its intended audience approaches life, rather than a focus on specific business pursuits (“the grind,” as Harwood put it to Business Insider in a recent interview).

At its core, One37pm is an aspirational brand that will aim to capture the collision of worlds like tech, professional sports, and hip hop.

“They all want to be entrepreneurs,” Harwood said of various pop-culture luminaries.

There’s a reason One37pm has such an odd name

The name One37pm is meant to evoke a single, random minute of the day (1:37 p.m.).

“You have to be prepared to own your minute at any moment,” Harwood said, explaining what the brand would try and convey to its 18-29 male audience.

Though Harwood will oversee One37pm, and all the brands in Gallery Media Group, it’s hard not to see Vaynerchuk’s kinetic, go-go-go persona reflected in the ethos.

“Gary embodies a lot of these qualities,” Harwood agreed.

Another person who comes to mind is tech billionaire Elon Musk, and indeed one of the products debuting at launch is a daily briefing for Amazon’s Alexa called “Musk Listen,” which will “update you daily on what The Musk is up to.”

No negative stories or snark

One thing you won’t see on One37pm, nor on PureWow, is a negative story. The motto of Gallery Media Group generally is “make positivity louder.”

“We are not going to be tearing down anyone,” Harwood said. “We are going to have strong opinions or voice … [but we are] not going to be snarky.” If One37pm thinks someone is full of hot air, a common occurrence in the entrepreneurship space, it will not write about them.

One37pm will also not try to present itself as an “authority,” Hardwood said (“we are not going to do it in the GQ way”). Instead, it will be more of a booster of ideas and people that resonate with its editors. “Look at these two kids who created a backpack brand,” for …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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