9 exercise ideas for people who hate working out

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If you’re not one of those people who loves the idea of setting your alarm before the sun comes up, lacing up your sneakers, and heading out to the gym, trust us: you are not alone.

Plenty of people have a hard time getting motivated to work out, especially when so many of us are pressed for time as is with never-ending obligations at work, at home, and with loved ones. But these days, there are more options than ever before to squeeze in a killer workout in a matter of minutes without ever leaving your house.

Gone are the days of slogging it out on a treadmill or forcing yourself through a workout you hate. There are so many amazing workouts that people who hate exercise will even enjoy, from workout videos and fitness apps that you can do in the comfort of your own home to simple workouts that let you have fun while getting insanely fit in the process.

These are the best workouts for people who flat-out hate exercise.

Take advantage of the great outdoors.

No matter where you live, there are sure to be plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy a little fresh air and get your fitness on. Exercising outside is awesome because it can be whatever you want it to be — there are no rules, so whether you live in a bustling metropolis or a sleepy suburb, you can enjoy the benefits of an outdoor workout any time of the year.

If you have walking trails or paths nearby, you can make hiking or biking part of your routine — both are killer cardio workouts with amazing strengthening benefits for your lower body and your core because your body needs to adapt quickly to stabilize itself on rough terrain.

Hiking, in particular, requires little equipment, so all you need is a playlist you love and supportive workout gear, and you’re good to go.

Research has shown that there are many benefits of outdoor exercise beyond keeping your body in tip-top shape. Spending time outdoors helps reduce anger and depression while improving your mood, thanks to a hefty dose of vitamin D from the sun.

As long as you wear sunscreen, insect repellent, and protective gear, you’ll likely find that working out amongst the quiet of mother nature is a great way to disconnect from the frenetic pace of day-to-day life. You can bring a friend or go solo, but either way, you’ll likely find that spending time outdoors can brighten your mood, without costing a single penny.

It doesn’t have to be a rigorous workout.

If the idea of going for a hike or a bike ride still sounds too intense for you, plenty of people forget that walking is one of the best workouts you can do.

Simply lacing up your sneakers and going for a walk, whether it’s around the block or on a dedicated walking path, can be a great full-body workout.

Taking a 10-minute walk daily has been proven to reduce stress and …read more

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