Minnesota Raccoon Is Rescued: See Photos & Videos

My picture from the 13th floor around noon. Hope he makes it down OK! #mprraccoon pic.twitter.com/gfVWysn9iO

— Ben (@Johnson88Ben) June 12, 2018

A Minnesota raccoon is the latest social media star after the creature embarked on a perilous journey to the roof of a St. Paul skyscraper. The critter’s dangerous climb entranced people all over the Internet and in Minnesota, where crowds showed up at the building to watch its long ascent.

Luckily, the raccoon has now been rescued from the rooftop where it eventually ended up. You can see videos and photos of the raccoon and its climb throughout this article. According to The Associated Press, the raccoon climbed more than 20 stories in its ascent to the top of the high-rise office building.


I’d like to thank God, the great people of Minnesota and the Wu-Tang Clan.

Now someone come get me. I’m on the roof.#mprraccoon #WuTang #MINNESOTA pic.twitter.com/V1HseSwVOV

— The MPR Raccoon (@TheStPaulRacco1) June 13, 2018

Although they aren’t exactly cuddly creatures, this raccoon was super cute.

He is on the ledge on our floor. He seems to be doing well. We’ve been told that the building has live traps on the roof and are trying to get him to go up there. We all just have to keep our fingers crossed.. #mprraccoon pic.twitter.com/HY1PkuFKz0

— Paige Donnelly law (@donnelly_law) June 12, 2018

Here’s what you need to know:

The Raccoon Had Its Own Hashtag & Was Photographed as It Climbed

The #mprraccoon is doing a little grooming now that he’s a social media star. You know, on a 23rd floor window ledge. @MPRnews pic.twitter.com/pGcwh7OJ6L

— Tim Nelson (@timnelson_mpr) June 12, 2018

Assisting in the creature’s media stardom was the fact that Minnesota Public Radio is located in a building nearby. MPR coined the critter #mprraccoon on Twitter, and people all over the Internet expressed concern about its safety. Video circulated of the raccoon when it made it to a ledge on the 23rd floor of the building.

A daredevil raccoon in St Paul, Minnesota, has had the internet on tenterhooks after scaling 23 floors of a building for nearly a day.
👉 https://t.co/vVaooMWehA#MPRraccoon pic.twitter.com/8NsB0uqg4Y

— BBC (@BBC) June 13, 2018

Photos showed the raccoon climbing like a furry Spiderman up the side of the building. People were thrilled when the raccoon made it to the roof.


HE MADE IT #mprraccoon pic.twitter.com/DC7LsZ2EZP

— Joel Neill (@joelneill) June 13, 2018

CNN reports that the raccoon made it to the rooftop at 2:30 a.m. and that it climbed the building after a maintenance worker removed it from another one. Because the windows of the office building don’t open, people who work there chronicled the animal’s journey through the class but couldn’t help it.

Most recent picturesI left about 25 minutes ago the poor little guy was still there.People have asked and no …read more

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