‘Legion’ creator Noah Hawley on adding a surprise extra episode to season 2, and the status of his Doctor Doom movie


“Legion” creator Noah Hawley talked to Business Insider about season two’s finale, which aired Tuesday.
It was the 11th episode of a season that was originally planned to be 10 episodes. Hawley said that there was initially “a critical piece of story that was missing.”
Hawley discussed the mental illness metaphors in the show, his reaction to getting renewed for a third season, how “Legion” is similar to “Fargo,” and why he chose The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” to open the season finale.
He also talked about whether his Doctor Doom movie and “Fargo” season four are still in the works.

Noah Hawley, the creator of acclaimed shows “Legion” and “Fargo” on FX, never slows down.

“Legion,” based on Marvel “X-Men” comics about a powerful telekinetic mutant, just concluded its second season on Tuesday, and FX has already renewed the series for a third season. On top of that, Hawley hopes to write another season of “Fargo” and develop a Doctor Doom movie based on the Marvel Comics Fantastic Four villain. He’s also directing the sci-fi drama film “Pale Blue Dot.”

It’s a wonder he finds time for it all, but we’re happy he does.

Hawley spoke to Business Insider about season two of “Legion,” the show’s mental health metaphors, why he added on an extra episode, and his hopes for his other projects.

(This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.)

Travis Clark: Were you expecting a season three renewal? What was your reaction to the news?

Noah Hawley: You never take these things for granted. The network is invested creatively in this series, so I had a sense it was coming. Especially with my schedule I have to lock things in if we’re doing them so I’m allergic to uncertainty at this moment. You can’t always make the world act according to your wishes, but the timing all worked out. It’s thrilling to be able to continue this story. Clearly there’s a real journey that we’re going on with these characters that has now taken a turn and is heading into the third act.

Clark: When you were writing season two, did you write it expecting to continue the story or writing it just to write the best story you can?

Hawley: I think I’ve known the shape of the story since the beginning. As much as it may seem like it’s an experiment in storytelling, that doesn’t mean that the story isn’t clear to me. And so the steps that we’ve taken with David [Dan Stevens], and meeting him in the hospital and running away with Syd [Rachel Keller], and going on this journey, is very much for me a metaphor of mental illness on some level … He was on his meds and everything was working perfectly and then he stopped taking his meds and everything starts to spiral. There’s a metaphor if you think of Syd as the meds, and the moment he starts keeping secrets from her, that’s him going off his meds. We all know how that ends …read more

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