Ex-Girlfriend: Kailyn Lowry Wanted Me to Raise Her Sperm Baby!


As previously reported, Kailyn Lowry is allegedly open to having a fourth child.

This is not necessarily news.

But what is news is the claim by ex-girlfriend Dominique Potter that the Teen Mom 2 cast member wanted to raise this fourth child along with Potter.

Oh, and she wanted to use the sperm of former boyfriend and third baby daddy Chris Lopez to create this new human being.

How did Potter respond when asked to be part of such an unusual arrangement?

She spoke to Radar Online about this unexpected request, along with other aspects of her relationship with Lowry.

Prepare to be blown away by her responses below!

1. A Brief History Lesson

Potter dated Lowry for just a few months, mostly toward the end of 2017. The relationship was kept on the DL initially, but new details have emerged because the latest slew of Teen Mom 2 episodes were recorded back when the two were dating… prompting everyone involved to revisit the romance many months after it ended.

2. I Was Always Committed. She Was Not.

Potter has opened up a great deal to Radar in a series of June 2018 interviews, saying at one point that she and Lowry became exclusive on November 14, 2017. “There were a couple of times she questioned if I was cheating on her,” Potter told this website. “I wasn’t seeing anyone else. I can’t say the same for her.”

3. Well, Actually

We CAN officially not say the same about Kailyn. The controversial Teen Mom 2 star herself has come out and confessed to cheating on Dominique with ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

4. No D’uh!

Potter remained close to Lowry in February of 2018, despite being pretty sure something like this was going on. In fact, after Kailyn made this admission, Dom fired back that she took an STD test after sleeping with Kailyn.

5. Doesn’t Sound Like a Stable Relationship, Does It?

Not to us. But we weren’t involved in it. It can often be challenging to see the romantic forest for the intense trees when one is actually inside of such a topsy-turvy relationship. Still, we didn’t expect Potter to come out and discuss the following…

6. She Wanted Us to Raise a Baby Together!

This is the bombshell Potter has dropped in her latest Radar discussion. “We definitely talked about the future,” the 23-year old explains. “It was hard with me being in Jersey, so we discussed me moving to Delaware. Not necessarily me moving in with her, but close to her so we could have that family aspect we both wanted. I really liked the idea of family.”

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