10 foundation mistakes you’re making that are ruining your makeup

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Ah, the glory of makeup. It can boost one’s confidence in no time flat and give us a means of self-expression.

But with all the myriad makeup products at your fingertips, it can be easy to make mistakes, from the formula you choose to the order you apply your makeup. And as the base of your face, your foundation is especially crucial to get right. Read on for 10 things that you may be doing wrong — and that are standing in the way of you truly serving face.

You don’t test it in the right light.

It’s key to check how a foundation shade looks on your skin in natural light versus the fluorescent lighting inside a store. Stephanie Flor of Clinique told “Allure” that it’s best to apply a test patch of foundation to your skin, wait 15 minutes, and then go outside to see the color. The 15-minute wait allows the color to oxidize so you can see how it will truly appear.

You test it on the wrong spot.

I’m not sure where we learned this, but most of us tend to swatch makeup of all kinds on the backs of our hands or on our forearms. Experts told INSIDER to try testing a potential foundation on three sites to see if it’s a match: under your eyes, along your jawline, and on your nose. If you rub it in and it seems to disappear into your skin, it’s a match.

You choose the wrong formula for your skin type.

Don’t forget to take your skin type into consideration when selecting your foundation. If you have dry skin, don’t opt for a matte foundation because it’ll make your skin look even dryer, Sir John, a celebrity makeup artist with L’Oreal Paris, told Allure. Likewise, if you’re on the oilier side, water-based foundations are your best bet.

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