LeBron James’ film company producing upcoming doc critiquing NCAA

While LeBron James will likely hesitate and second-guess himself many times as he works through what’s expected to be a very tough free agent decision, he never wavers when it comes to social matters he deems to be of importance.

Outspoken in the past on the topic of pro player compensation, James has now turned his attention to the collegiate ranks and the NCAA’s definition of student athletes and amateurism.

In conjunction with HBO Sports, James’ SpringHill Entertainment production company will be releasing “Student Athlete,” an upcoming sports documentary slated to debut on Oct. 2.

“From high-school recruiting to post-graduation, the usefulness of athletes is tied to their ability to produce revenue. Once they can no longer do that, their participation in sport ends — often abruptly — with virtually nothing to show for their contributions,” an HBO PR statement about the upcoming doc reads. “An audited financial disclosure from the NCAA in March 2018 revealed the association had close to $1.1 billion in revenue during 2017, a total that was unimaginable in 1964, when the NCAA coined the term ‘student athlete.’”

A glowing look at the NCAA this will not be.

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Source:: Sportsnet


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