8 details you might have missed on the latest episode of ‘Westworld’

Akecheta HBO Westworld season two, episode eight

Warning: Spoilers ahead for HBO’s “Westworld” season two, episode eight, “Kiksuya.”

Many baffling mysteries were resolved on Sunday’s episode of “Westworld” as we followed the powerful life of Akecheta — one of the first hosts built for the park who became fully conscious decades before Dolores or Maeve.

As we watched new events from Westworld’s past (all of which have been added to INSIDER’s timeline guide here), questions about Arnold’s maze, the Ghost Nation hosts, and more were answered.

Keep reading for a closer look at eight details you might have missed on “Westworld.”

Since the episode focuses so heavily on Akecheta’s journey, we should start by reminding you that he was one of the first hosts ever built.

Akecheta, Angela, and Dolores were part of the first group of hosts built by Arnold and Ford. Akecheta was with Angela when they first pitched the Westworld park to Logan Delos.

“Kiksuya” — the episode title this week — means “remember” in Lakota.

Akecheta and the other Native hosts in “Westworld” are all speaking Lakota. The episode’s title connects Akecheta’s journey to the way we were first introduced to Arnold’s bicameral mind experiment for bootstrapping consciousness.

On the first season, Dolores heard Arnold’s voice (which was really her own subconscious speaking to her) saying, “remember.” This was the start of her retracing of the maze journey.

Arnold’s plan for the hosts’ gaining true consciousness started with the maze pattern. That’s why Akecheta slowly “woke up” after finding the toy.

“I heard a new voice inside,” Akecheta said. “But before I understood it, they took everything from me.”

That voice was his own subconscious waking up, just as Arnold had designed it to. He began remembering his past experiences as a host, and then Akecheta’s encounter with Logan pushed him even further to understanding the true reality of his existence.

Part of Akecheta’s subconscious coding might have even recognized Logan as the man he had met out in the real world prior to the park’s opening and Arnold’s death.

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