WATCH: Tommy Robinson Protest Violence Videos & Photos

A protest in London seeking the release of anti-Muslim activist Tommy Robinson has turned violent. Hundreds are reported to be on the streets of the English capital in what was planned to be a “peaceful” event on June 9. By 4 p.m., reports came in that the protest had begun to turn violent.

In May 2018, Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yakley-Lennon, was arrested and sentenced to 13-months in prison on the same day. Robinson was found guilty of contempt of court for broadcasting on Facebook Live, information about an ongoing trial in Leeds. Robinson was on a suspended sentence for a similar crime, reported the BBC at the time. The stream was viewed 250,000 times.

Here are videos from the scene of Robinson’s protest:

Getting very nasty again. Tommy Robinson supporters attacking police with metal fencing, bottles and sticks. Police retreating

— James Bickerton (@JBickertonUK) June 9, 2018

Things are getting physical…#freetommy #tommyrobinson

— Jordy (@jordys_tweets) June 9, 2018

Here’s some idiots protesting Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment. If he doesn’t like British laws, he could always leave. Oh, no, he can’t. Because he’s in prison with the other criminals 🤣

— Dr Nick (@NichSmith) June 9, 2018

There’s a pro Tommy Robinson demo going on in Trafalgar Square right now.

— Rishi Dastidar (@BetaRish) June 9, 2018

Another protest also took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland:

Free Tommy Robinson march in Belfast today #freetommy #FreeTommyRobinson

— scotto (@fleet_commander) June 9, 2018

A planned protest in Newcastle for Robinson was canceled by authorities as it coincided with an Ed Sheeran concert taking place in the city. Speaking to the Newcastle Chronicle, a local police spokesperson said, “The organizers of two protests planned for Newcastle on Saturday have, following consultation with police, decided not to go ahead with the events.” The Newcastle protest was organized by a group known as the Northeast Frontline Patriots.

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