10 Returners Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Returners Game Tips

“To the victor goes the spoils.”

History’s most celebrated warriors have claimed victory multiple times and claimed a whole lot of spoils. Nexon’s latest mobile game Returners gathers a huge lot of those historic and mythical figures for an RPG romp. What makes these legendary figures stand out even more is their anime stylization. You’ll collect a whole bunch of party members, take them into 5v5 battles, collect tons of loot, and compete in the intense League and Tournament modes. Make sure to utilize this guide during your Returners adventure.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Returners:

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1. Don’t Hesitate to Enhance Gears

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• In Returners, players can enhance their Gears up to six Stars. Although there might be a difference in efficiency depending on the grade of the “seed” item, even an easily obtainable item such as a Wooden Dagger can turn out quite usable if steadily enhanced. Furthermore, any type of Gear that is not Enhance Material can be used as material to upgrade Gear. Instead of obsessing over Legendary Gear, enhancing common and Rare Gears that are easily obtainable can prove to be advantageous.

2. Take Advantage of the First 24-Hours When You Obtain a New Hero

• From the moment you obtain a new Hero, you will gain 2x (double) Hero EXP that lasts 24 Hours. Make use of this time for Adventure runs to level up quickly! When you obtain a new Hero, it is recommended that you focus on growing that hero for 24-hours.

3. Don’t Miss Your Chance at “Proving Ground’” as it Only Comes Once!

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• Proving Ground, which becomes accessible after the Tutorial, can be thought of as the preparation phase for the main content of Returners. It’s the stage where players can evaluate their skills and prepare for the PvP before battling against other players in the League. The opponents one may encounter here are AI with the same Team settings as real-life players and are easier to defeat.

• Proving Ground is only available for 48-hours and the rewards are incredibly valuable. It might be slightly difficult to defeat all enemies within 48-hours, but if players run Adventures and Dungeons along with it, they’ll be able to defeat many more enemies than expected.

4. Opportunities to Get Rare Gear are Everywhere

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• The easiest way to obtain Rare Gears is to buy Gear Boxes at the Shop. However, Returners has several stages in different modes where players can obtain these Rare Gears. Also, there is a Free Gear Box that can be claimed once a day. Players can get Rare or even Legendary Gear from these! Furthermore, there is a Box that can be opened with “Hearts,” which can be useful to obtain extra Energy and Gold.

5. Actively Use Exploration

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• Heroes can be leveled up through Exploration, but each Exploration can only carry up to five Heroes. In Returners, heroes are well-balanced and different combinations of heroes are needed depending …read more

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