What summer vacation looks like in 19 countries around the world

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Popular travel destinations differ from country to country.
In the United Kingdom, France, and Canada, people tend to prefer warmer climates or a trip to the beach, whereas people in India might prefer chilly mountain towns.
Here’s what summer vacation looks like around the world.

Even people from the most stunning places in the world like to break out of their routine and travel the world.

To see what vacations look like around the world, Business Insider researched travel trends and leave policies and spoke with travel experts from France, Colombia, South Africa, Jamaica, China, Sweden.

Overall, people from around the world share some common desires when it comes to vacations — in the summer, people generally tend to crave beaches, the sea, cities, and mountains. And they often like to go there with their families.

From top travel destinations to how much time people get, here’s what summer vacation looks like around the world.

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Turks prefer to visit Europe and go to the Mediterranean or Aegean Seas.

Typical destinations: Within Turkey, people enjoy going to the Aegean Sea or the Mediterranean Sea, said Utku Hukum, a student from Turkey.

A newly-popular winter destination is Kars in Northeastern Turkey, a medieval capital with buildings dating to the 1100s, Hukum said.

International trips usually involve Eastern Europe, the Netherlands, Italy, and England, Hukum said.

Amount of vacation time mandated by law: 14.5 public holidays and up to 20 days of paid annual leave, according to WageIndicator.org.

Usual months to take off: Summer holidays abroad are popular, while folks stay in Turkey during the winter, Hukum said.

Swedes prefer outdoorsy trips in the summer and flee south during their long, dark winters.

Typical destinations: Swedish winters are cold, long, and dark, so residents prefer to abscond to Greece, Italy, Spain, and France, said Alexander Waltner, a Swedish travel blogger. Swedes tend to stick around in the summertime.

Amount of vacation time mandated by law: 25 days, according to the European Trade Union Institute.

Usual time for travel: Typically used in the winter and summer, Waltner said.

Waltner fondly remembers a childhood trip with his grandfather and his friend in a lake in southern Sweden called Harasjömåla.

“He taught me how to fish and how to prepare it, we hiked along the lake, and at night we made up a fire and grilled marshmallows,” Waltner told Business Insider.

“I remember his stories about his childhood, and what it was like living in that era. It was just like in the classic movies. The wisdom and time spent in nature is something that I’ve kept alive ever since.”

Jamaicans are spoiled with a beautiful island filled with waterfalls, …read more

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