Meghan Markle’s ex-husband temporarily shelved his dumb, tacky TV show

Meghan Markle's ex husband Trevor Engelson seen in good mood despite news of his ex wife engagement to Prince Harry!

This ^^ is Trevor Engelson, Meghan Markle’s first husband. They divorced long before she even met Prince Harry, and apparently the split was not some joyful, enlightened conscious uncoupling. Meghan allegedly sent him a Dear John letter and the only thing she took from their home was the blender. One of the first things we ever learned about Trevor was that as soon as Meghan’s romance with Harry really took off, Trevor pitched and then sold a TV project involving an American dude whose ex-wife runs off to England and married a prince. Yeah. It was tacky. In the scope of everything that’s happened with Meghan’s family, I guess we should give Trevor *some* begrudging credit though: he still hasn’t sold his story. He’s given no interviews about Meghan. Now The Sun reports that Meg and Trevor are still in contact – somewhat – and she’s asked him to temporarily shelve that My Ex Married A Prince show. And apparently Trevor has agreed.

Trevor Engelson had planned a pilot episode but decided to suspend it for the next few weeks after hearing pleas from Meghan’s LA friends. Meghan, 36, was understood to be “deeply upset” by her ex husband’s decision to mock her royal romance.

A senior TV executive, who asked not to be named, told Sun Online: “Trevor’s project is currently on hold after several months of anguish for Meghan. She reached out to him at first through friends and now they have kept up the pressure and Trevor has pushed things back. The plan was for the series to come out during the aftermath of the royal wedding later this summer but things have changed.”

“Trevor has focused on other projects after having calls and impromptu meets with Meghan and his old social circle. The couple has barely spoken since their divorce, but she did reach out to him – with Harry’s agreement – to thank him for not telling their story in public. The TV pilot was a shock, but now everything is paused – for the meantime at least. There is a feeling too that it is too soon for a TV network to go straight at the new royals given their popularity and it could flop. So that too is a factor, as Trevor has still not confirmed yet if he will walk away from the project. While Harry and his lawyers may have some sway in the UK, in the States, Trevor has a much more open opportunity to do what he wants.”

The source added: “Trevor has busied himself with other projects for the moment. It’s understood there is no guarantee that this is all signed off and settled. Trevor was unhappy at his divorce and this attention on him since the Harry relationship is something he has loathed. He and Meghan are world away from that Hollywood happy divorce declaration of ‘conscious uncoupling – …read more

Source:: Cele|bitchy


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