Arthur ‘Art’ Ream: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Arthur “Art” Ream, who is already serving life in jail for the murder of a teen girl, is now suspected of possibly being a serial killer, after fellow prison inmates told authorities he bragged about killing other girls. Investigators have spent days digging into a wooded area in Macomb Township, Michigan, looking for possible bodies in the area where the girl Ream was convicted of killing was found. Cindy Zarzycki, 13, was buried in the area after she was killed in 1986. Ream, now 69, was convicted of her murder. After the conviction, he led investigators to Cindy’s body years later, while denying that he had any role in her death. The search in the area is still ongoing.

Here is everything you need to know about Art Ream.

1. Police Are Searching an Area North of Detroit for At Least 5 Missing Girls, But Might Start Searching at a New Site Next Week

Nadine O’Dell: Missing Teen Another Possible Victim of Arthur Ream

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Warren Police have said that Ream bragged in prison about killing four to six people, although he’s only jailed for the death of one teen, Detroit Free Press reported. Authorities believe that Kimberly King, who vanished when she was 12, is among a number of possible female victims who are buried there. Police Commissioner William Dwyer said in a news conference on Wednesday that there was “no question” King and other victims were buried there. They believe all the girls were targeted at random and had no connection to one another. They’re looking for the following missing girls:

Kimberly King, 12, who disappeared in Warren in September 1979 while visiting her grandmother. She was last seen trying to hitchhike to Warren to visit friends.
Cynthia Coon, 13, who disappeared in Ann Arbor in 1970. She disappeared before Ream’s first prison sentence. She often walked to school because she didn’t like riding the bus, but never made it to school that day. Her parents received two distraught phone calls from her in April, three months after she disappeared. The calls came from Detroit. In May 1970, the family received an extortion-type call, but they were never contacted again.
Nadine O’Dell, 16, who disappeared in Inkster in 1974. She was last seen walking toward Michigan Ave. at 9:30 a.m. on August 16, 1974. She was going to babysit at her boyfriend’s house, but she never showed up.
Kim Larrow, 15, who disappeared in Canton in 1981, west of Detroit. Kim went to visit a friend at an ice cream shop, and they made plans to meet later. She was never seen again after leaving the shop.
Kellie Brownlee, 17, who disappeared in Novi in 1982. She was staying with her boyfriend’s family that May, because she said her stepfather abused her. Her father pled guilty to fourth-degree criminal sexual misconduct in 1977. Kellie skipped class and hitchhiked to the Twelve …read more



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