Top 10 Best Rokinon Cinema Lenses For The Canon EF Mount

If you’re looking to purchase some new lenses for your Canon EF mount camera, whichever it may be, a company called Rokinon (aka Samyang and Bower) makes some really nice glass at a variety of price points. In this article, we’ll look at a few different aspects of each kind of lens. The two big factors here are optical quality and focal length. Depending on your sensor size and camera, you may want a particular look, and this will bode on the type of lens you’ll need for your project.

Here’s the top 10 best Rokinon Cinema Lenses for the Canon EF Mount. We’ll start with Rokinon’s Cine Lenses (including their DS lenses) and then move on to their more expensive Xeen series, lenses catered toward filmmaking professionals.

1. Rokinon Cine 35mm T1.5 (Best for Portraits on Crop Sensors & Medium-Wides on Full Frame )

The Rokinon 35mm is a great choice for Canon shooters of both APS-C (crop) and full frame cameras. 35mm is a great focal length for portraits on a crop sensor.

Still from t2i YouTube

Above you can see even on an older camera, this lens takes really nice portrait shots for video. The bokeh is beautiful and even in low light, it helps the camera pick up a good amount of detail without cranking the ISO.

Here you can see a shot on a full-frame camera, the 5D Mark III (color is particularly good because of Magic Lantern).

Still via YouTube

On a full frame camera, 35mm is on the wide side, but it still makes for pleasing and undistorted shots of people as long as one doesn’t get too close. If you had to shoot an entire film on one lens, 35mm would probably be where you’d want to be on a full frame. It’s not too wide to be fisheye or easily distorted, and it’s not too close to feel claustrophobic.

In terms of the optics, this lens isn’t the sharpest thing ever made, but if you’re OK with a soft filmic look, it gets the job done well. It also boasts, as all Rokinon Cine Lens do, smooth declicked aperture and focusing, plus a sawtooth ring for using a follow focus system.

Price: $499.00

See more information and reviews about the Rokinon Cine 35mm here
2. Rokinon Cine DS 50mm T1.5


This Cine 50mm boasts all the same features of the last lens, and a few more. You may have noticed “DS” in the title of the lens. Rokinon’s DS series is a set of lenses that all have their follow focus gear in the same place, and match color with each other. Therefore, the best use case for a DS lens is if you intend to buy more DS lenses. Rokinon’s Xeen’s (toward the end of the list) also share these characteristics of consistent follow focus placement, and color-matching.

Below you can see the 50mm in use on a full frame camera.

Full frame still from …read more



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