Top 10 Best Foot Spas & Baths of 2018: Your Easy Buying Guide

According to some studies, around half of all jobs keep people on their feet for the majority of their work day. This kind of prolonged standing or walking can cause pain, swelling, inflammation, reduced circulation, and medical conditions like plantar fasciitis. That’s a lot of sore, tired feet.

Foot massage has long been known to have all these benefits along with increasing circulation and stimulating muscles to reduce tension. Taking time to pamper your weary feet can relieve pain, reduce stress, and restore your feet so they’re ready to be back up and moving later.

On average, a professional foot massage is around $35 before tip. It’s about the same for a pedicure–and you know the best part of a pedicure is the massage. If you were to get a good professional foot rub down just once a month it would cost you almost $500 by the end of the year. But just because you don’t have the time, or the funds, to get to the spa or nail salon on a regular basis doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from some pampering in your own home.

Foot baths bring the comfort and luxury of the spa into your home in an easier and much more affordable way. These small tubs mimic the action of the foot baths you find built into professional pedicure chairs. You can see in my Best Pedicure Chairs guide that some professional pedicure chairs use these exact foot spas incorporated into the larger chair form.

Would you benefit from a foot spa? If you have tired feet, aching feet, then likely yes. However, there are some folks who should probably check in with their doctor before using a foot spa. Put a call into your doctor if you’re diabetic, pregnant, or have chronic foot conditions or open wounds. Just to be safe.

How to choose the foot spa that’s right for you.

Ignore the hype. Don’t put too much stock into claims that any foot bath is going to detox your feet or prevent injuries. Foot spas have a huge range of benefits, but claims like these tend to be bogus. It’s also important to understand that unless you’re willing to have a professional install a pedicure chair into your plumbing, no home foot spa is going to have the power of the full-size models at the salon. That expectation accounts for some people feeling disappointed with their foot spa. Expect a relaxing, stimulating hot foot soak, but not a mini jacuzzi.

The right size. The majority of foot spas are built to hold up to a size 12 in men’s shoes but they do range in size from model to model. If you have large feet, be sure to make note of the size of the foot bath so your feet can fit comfortable without overflowing the tub.

Convenient. Depending on your preference, you probably want something that is easy to set up, empty, and clean. Certain foot spas are built to be more user-friendly than …read more



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