Ron and Don: ‘You do not want to embarrass anybody’ while playing

Boston Bruins star David Pastrnak had a strong debut to the 2018 post-season, scoring a goal and adding a couple assists in his team’s 5-1 Game 1 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As such, it’s understandable why he’d be a little jazzed up after scoring early in the start of Game 2. But was his hand-to-ear “I-can’t-hear-you?” celebration too excessive?

Don Cherry thinks so, but he also believes Pastrnak was given a lesson on hockey’s unwritten code during the game as well.

“The European soccer guys do this,” Cherry said referring to Pastrnak’s hand-at-ear celebration Monday night during Coach’s Corner.”Now the second one, watch as he’s been talked to by [Bruins coach Bruce] Cassidy. Cassidy I’m sure talked to him and said, ‘don’t do it.’ And the second and third goal he doesn’t because you do not want to embarrass anybody any more than you do.”

Pastrnak finished Game 2 with three goals and six points total in the 7-3 Bruins win, so he had plenty of more opportunities to showboat, but didn’t. So Cherry’s theory as to what happened may just be true.

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