After 13 years at Goldman Sachs, this executive shares why she’s joining a cryptocurrency startup

Breanne Madigan

Breanne Madigan spent 13 years at Goldman Sachs. Now she’s joining the financial technology startup Blockchain as its head of institutional sales and strategies.
In a conversation with Business Insider, she said she was interested in blockchains and cryptocurrencies because she believes they will “completely re-engineer that way we operate in the future.”
Since it’s an emerging market, she’ll have to convince institutional traders that cryptocurrencies are a safe place to invest. But she thinks the team at Blockchain speaks for itself.
She’s also excited to be an early builder of what she sees as the future of finance.

Breanne Madigan grew up at Goldman Sachs. It was her first job out of college, and she stayed there for 13 years, first starting as an associate in money markets, moving up to chief operating officer of global foreign exchange, and finishing out her tenure as the head of institutional wealth services for the Americas.

It was a long career at one of the top financial firms in the country, and one which led her to one fundamental belief: technology is changing the world of finance.

At the heart of that change, Madigan believes, is cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology behind it. So after more than a decade, she changed course and decided to join a blockchain startup — Blockchain, the startup, to be more precise.

Starting next week, Madigan will join Blockchain as its head of institutional sales and strategy. Her goal: To help scale the company’s business and convince some of the biggest investors in the world that blockchain technology is the future of financial services.

Madigan sat down with Business Insider to discuss what she learned in her time at Goldman Sachs, the future of finance, and why she left a long career in banking for the wild world of cryptocurrency.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

Business Insider: Tell me about your new job.

Madigan: I’m thrilled to be joining Blockchain. I’m going to be joining as the head of institutional sales and strategy. At a high level, it’s really building and helping more traditional investors gain unparalleled access to the future of finance. I can’t give too much in the way of details now about all of the exciting things that we have coming, but I can do my best to give you a flavor of what’s in store for now.

I’m officially starting a week from now, but I have had the chance to spend time with the leadership team and Leon in particular on strategy, and I’m looking forward to getting started officially on Monday.

BI: How is your new role different from what you were doing at Goldman Sachs?

Madigan: I’d say overall, in terms of my career at Goldman, I’m really grateful for the wonderful experiences that I had there where I was fortunate to help build and manage a number of new businesses, in some cases from scratch.

Some of the key attributes that I’ll leverage in my new role here include, first and foremost, a healthy obsession …read more

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