Festival Camping Kitchen: Everything You Need for Success

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Can I get a what what? The fact that you’re reading this article means you’re interested in learning how to set up a camping kitchen for a festival. You’ve purchased your ticket. Your stoke level is through-the-roof. But for now, you need to make sure all of your bases are covered.

When it comes to camping music festivals, there is a lot of gear you need to consider. So, be sure to give this checklist a look, in addition to these essentials.

Of course, your outfits require thought, too. Give these men’s and women’s festival clothing a look, as well as these weed hoodies, weed socks, and light up shoes. And if you love dancing, you may want to consider a flow toy, like these LED hoops.

As far as your camping kitchen goes, you should ask yourself a few questions. Have you camped before (even if it was just car camping)? Do you currently have any camping supplies you already own, or can borrow? What is your diet like, and what do you prefer to eat? Do you plan to cook everything yourself, or eat inside of the venue? Do you have any food allergies?

All of these questions are super important to keep in mind. Physically go through all of your camping equipment (if you have any) and document it. If you’re borrowing things from friends, check in on what you can use. From there, you’ll have a solid list of what you need, in order to have a successful festival experience.

As for the food questions, take this portion seriously. Don’t pretend you’re going to eat at your campsite every night, only to eat in the venue. That’s a huge waste of money, so be honest with yourself. A quick side note: If you have food allergies, don’t plan on eating in the venue–you’ll be super disappointed and very hungry.

Once you’ve decided how often you’ll cook, it’s time to determine what kind of food you want to bring. If you eat meat, bringing ground beef, pre-made meatballs, and even chicken breasts, are all easy, awesome options. What you’re looking for is meals that are easy to prepare, and don’t require a ton to be delicious.

On the other hand, if you’re vegan (or vegetarian), you’ll need to think about the type of veggies you like, and how they can easily be turned into meals. Bringing pasta and pre-cooked rice is an awesome way to have a good base for your food.

It’s important to remember you’re going to be camping for a number of days. So freezing your meat or vegetables beforehand is a magnificent way to keep them safe for consumption, throughout the entirety of the festival.

Eating food is obviously the ultimate goal when you’re setting up a camping kitchen. However, there are a lot of supplies you need, in order to run it successfully.

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