Duchess Kate is no longer keen to do a home birth, she’ll give birth in a hospital

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge visits Pegasus Primary School in Oxford

As soon as we learned that the Duchess of Cambridge was knocked up with a third royal baby, several British gossips claimed that Kate was quite keen on doing a home birth with this one. While Kate gets sick as a dog in the first months of her pregnancies, she seems to do quite well in the last half of her pregnancies and have relatively easy, no-drama births. I said last year that I thought it was quite reasonable for her to wonder if she should do a home birth with this one. Well, as it turns out, nothing came from all that keenness. She’s got the same birthing plan as the first two deliveries.

The Duchess of Cambridge recently joked that her husband was “in denial” about the impending birth of their third child, but Kate has been busily planning for the imminent arrival. With just weeks to go until her April due date, Kate has decided that she will have her third baby at the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Paddington, where both Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born. There had been speculation that the duchess was considering a home birth, but royal sources say that she has opted for a hospital delivery and that a suite is all ready and sealed off ahead of the royal birth.

Kate has been busily clocking up engagements ahead of her maternity leave….Royal sources say the duchess will remain busy for the rest of March but plans to slow down her official duties next month. While the exact due date is not known, Kate is expected to give birth in late April with the Sun newspaper reporting that Kate and Prince William are working towards an April 23 date, which happens to be St. George’s Day. It is understood that Kate will be under the care of obstetrician Guy Thorpe-Beeston who helped her deliver Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Says a source: “She has decided that she will be having the baby at the Lindo Wing. The room is all booked, the team are ready and everyone is just waiting for the baby to come. They have had two very positive experiences at the Lindo Wing so it’s the No. 1 choice. She knows the team and she feels like she’s in very safe hands.”

The couple have a team of doctors on call, now that the duchess is well into her third trimester of her pregnancy. According to Professor Tiong Ghee Teoh, a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, the duchess had a backup team of more than 20 doctors and nurses on call for her previous two births which included two obstetricians, three midwives, three anesthetists, four theatre staff, two special-care baby unit staff, four pediatricians, one laboratory technician to check blood samples, and four senior managers.

While her labor with George was a long one, Kate was in and out of hospital within a day when she had Charlotte and she is …read more

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