Conor Lamb & Abortion: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Conor Lamb abortion, Pope Francis abortion

Conor Lamb is a Roman Catholic.

In November of 2016, at the end of a not previously scheduled year of prayer called the Catholic Jubilee of mercy, Pope Francis said the church should open “the doors of reconciliation and pardon.” Franics said God “does not record evil that has been done or keep score of injustices experienced …let us ask for the grace of never closing the doors of reconciliation and pardon, but rather of knowing how to go beyond evil and differences, opening every possible pathway of hope.” Francis said that even if the “Holy Door” closes and is unforgiving, meaning the church, the “true door of mercy which is the heart of Christ always remains open wide for us.”

GettyPope Francis celebrates mass at Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.

The Pope said after centuries of practice in its staunch anti-abortion position, wherein only bishops could forgive a woman who had an abortion, he extended that power to priests. Abortion was a mortal sin in the church and could lead to excommunication. Francis’ historic edict was in line with the theme of the Jubilee: forgiveness. Francis said the Church and now priests should absolve “the sin of abortion (for) those who have procured it and who, with contrite heart, seek forgiveness for it.”

Still, a mortal sin is a mortal sin. And for the official Church, abortion is that. But Francis has been radically shifting the church and not all Catholics are in step and others think he’s not gone far enough.

So where does Conor Lamb stand on abortion?

1. Conor Lamb Is a Roman Catholic, Brought Up in the Church & Attended Catholic Schools

GettyPope Francis waves to the crowd from the Popemobile during a parade September 27, 2015 in Philadelphia.

Conor Lamb’s grandfather, a longtime significant face of the Democratic machine in Pennsylvania, was described in his obituary as being a devout “Irish Catholic immigrant’s son.”

Conor attended the St.Bernard School in Mt. Lebanon and graduated from Pittsburgh’s Central Catholic High School.

Lamb has agreed that church doctrine conflicts with the law on abortion, but also believes in he separation of church and state and upholding the law of a woman’s right to choose.

2. Lamb May Privately & Personally Oppose Abortion Based on His Catholic Beliefs, But Defends a ‘Woman’s Legal Right to Choose’

GettyDemocrat Conor Lamb, on the campaign trail.

Conor Lamb is Catholic, but he’s a lawyer too and was a federal prosecutor for the Department of Justice, as an Assistant US Attorney in Pittsburgh. Lamb handled many high profile drug cases as part of his effort to use the law to help fight the heroin epidemic in his state. And on abortion, his position is a legal one he says and a position that uphold the separation of church and state.

From the Ohio border to the south Pittsburgh suburbs voters heard two subtly different positions from Lamb. City & State Pennsylvania asked voters from the more urban to the more rural and the voters from …read more



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