Conor Lamb: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A Marine officer, and a federal prosecutor known for hard-fought and won major drug cases and convictions, Conor Lamb, 33, is the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District race under way today, March 13 in the southwestern region of the Keystone State.

The 18th voted overwhelmingly for Pres. Donald Trump. Is Lamb a long shot in a red district in the formerly blue state (until the 2016 election saw the TV reality show host and millionaire developer turn it red)? Not according to polls and in the wake of the upset in Alabama for the GOP last fall, it’s the hottest – and earliest 2018 race that could push Democrats to their hoped-for Congressional majority, but that would mean flipping 24 Republican-held House seats.

This is one of those races.

1. Lamb Didn’t Just Fall Off a Turnip Truck Into the Pennsylvania Political Arena

ScreenshotConor Lamb comes from a family of Democrats. His late grandfather Thomas Lamb was a well-known state lawmaker.

Conor Lamb’s grandfather Thomas Lamb, described in his 2015 obituary as “an Irish Catholic immigrant’s son from the West End who rose to become leader of the state Senate Democrats in the 1970s,” higher education lobbyist and “point man” for then-Gov. Robert P. Casey’ s point man for legislative affairs, served in the Pennsylvania state House for eight years, was a state senator for eight more years the last four as Senate majority leader. He died at age 92.

GettyConor Lamb, Democratic congressional candidate for Pennsylvania’s 18th district, and his grandmother Barbara Lamb after voting.

His uncle Mike Lamb, an attorney, is Pittsburgh’s controller and had previous Pennsylvania government experience.

Lamb was born in Washington D.C., raised in Mt. Lebanon, went to Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, earned a degree in political science from University of Pennsylvania and in 2009, graduated from Penn Law. After law school, Lamb entered Marine officer school, was commissioned and began prosecuting cases while stationed in Japan including a high profile sexual misconduct case against a Marine.

Lamb ended his full-time service for the Marine Corps in 2013 but signed on as a reserve. Also in 2013, Lamb clerked for a federal judge in New York before returning to Pittsburgh to serve the Department of Justice as an assistant US attorney there where he made a name for himself prosecuting significant and high profile drug cases. His campaign website described it this way: “helped establish the Justice Department’s Pittsburgh office as a national leader in the fight against the heroin epidemic, working to build partnerships between law enforcement and community members in places that have been hit hardest by the crisis.”

2. Lamb’s List of 7 Priorities Ticks All the Boxes, Especially for Democrats

GettyApplause for Conor Lamb
at a campaign rally with United Mine Workers of America.

In a preface to the list of his priorities on his campaign website, Lamb writes, “There’s an old saying that if everything is important, nothing is. My first priority is to get things moving …read more



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