A Hat in Time: 10 Mods You Need to Try Out

A Hat in Time‘s mod support is now official.

Developer Gears for Breakfast unveiled the Modding Update to the Steam version of the game today, which brings mod support out of the beta phase and natively integrates mods into the game’s loop. Now when you play mods and complete mod levels, you’ll receive Rift Tokens which you can spend on new hat flairs, remixes, and more. Gears for Breakfast will also incorporate two community-made mods into the game: dye-able main game hats and a German fan-translation. The update also adds Japanese language support, three new achievements, four new hat flairs, a redesigned pause menu, and the option to turn off mods from the settings menu. The update will come to GOG next week. Gears for Breakfast is also holding a contest with a $1,000 prize pool to see who can create the best Purple Time Rift map mod.

Not that mods are official, you may be wondering which ones you should check out. Well look no further. Here are 10 mods you should try.

In order to add the mods to your game, simply head to the mod’s page on the Steam Workshop and click on the subscribe button.

1. FLUDD 4-Pack Mod

Playing through A Hat in Time reminded us very much of Super Mario Sunshine and other GameCube-era platformers from the design of the levels to the graphics. Now you can take that association one step further and have Hat Kid don FLUDD and gain access to all its powers thanks to a mod by Xarathoss, JerseyXS97, Camb0t, Xandersilk, and MelonSpeedruns. The mod includes the hover, rocket, turbo, and squirting functionalities all in one FLUDD; there’s no need to search for boxes. Naturally, gliding and boosting around the levels can break the game a bit but it’s none the less fun to use FLUDD. The mod even includes a remix of the Delfino Plaza theme that plays in the file select menu.

Link to mod

2.Playable Mustache Girl

Argle Bargle

With this mod by Argle Bargle, you can now play as A Hat in Time’s main friend turned antagonist Mustache Girl. You can switch between Hat Kid and her from the ship after defeating the Mafia Boss. She can’t use hats, climb walls, or do homing attacks, making her quite a challenge to play as. But if you want, you can use standard Hat Kid abilities via the Mod Config menu.

Link to mod

3. The Conductor’s Village


The modding community is filled not only with new power ups and characters to play as but entire levels as well. This mod takes place in a forest village for the Express Owls run by the Conductor. Not only does it have a series of fun challenges as you help out the village dwellers but it even has original dialogue. The creator, Lapppy, has also ben consistently updating the mod and fixing any bugs.

Link to mod

4. Super Mario Odyssey’s Cappy

MelonSpeedruns, Camb0t

A Hat in Time released the same year as Super Mario Odyssey so …read more

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