Anthony Stephan House, Austin Explosion Victim: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Anthony Stephan House was killed after a package arrived at his home and exploded. House, 39, lived in the Harris Ridge neighborhood of Austin, Texas. A package that arrived at his home in the early morning hours contained a device that exploded when the package was opened.

House was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition and was pronounced dead an hour later, according to Fox News.

Since House’s death, there have been two more explosions in Austin, both on Monday, March 12. According to authorities, all of the packages have been hand-delivered to the front doors of people’s homes. Police are looking at surveillance video in the neighborhoods in hopes of being able to identify a suspect.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Austin police’s homicide tip line at 512-477-3588, or Crime Stoppers at 512-472-8477.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Two More Explosions in Austin, Texas, Are Connected, According to Police, Who Say These Could Be ‘Hate Crimes’

Austin PoliceAustin Police Chief Brian Manley walks with FBI agents at the scene of one of three package explosions in the Texas city.

When House was first killed following the package explosion, police in the area told residents not to be alarmed, as they believed that the incident was isolated.

“I think that if people are expecting a package and go out there and find one, then that’s probably the package they were waiting for, but if you were not and your gut is telling you something is wrong, you certainly can call the police department and we can start the process of figuring out where that came from. Having said that, I do not believe that we have someone going around leaving packages like this,” Assistant Chief Joseph Chacon with the Austin Police Department said during a press conference at the time.

However, since that first explosion on March 2, two more explosions have occurred in the Austin, Texas, area, both on Monday, March 12. According to police, one more person has died — a teenager whose name has not been released — and at least one woman has been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

Police are wondering if these incidents are hate crimes. House and Monday’s victims were all African-American.

“We don’t know what the motive behind these may be. We do know that both of the homes that were the recipients of these packages belong to African Americans, so we cannot rule out that hate crime is at the core of this. But we’re not saying that that’s the cause as well,” Austin’s police Chief Brian Manley said during a press briefing on Monday.

2. Police Originally Wondered if House Had Constructed the Device Himself, But Have Since Ruled That Out

When House died, police wondered if it was terror-related. In fact, police initially wondered if House had been making a bomb and it detonated inside his home by accident. The death was initially called “suspicious,” but is now being treated as a homicide.

“Right now, we’re trying to determine how …read more



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