Oprah sent Mindy Kaling a hand-carved bookcase full of 100 children’s books

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It’s startling to realize that poor Mindy Kaling only gave birth two-and-half months ago! Baby Katherine was born in mid-December, and Mindy seems to have lost a lot of the baby weight quickly, and she’s already out and about doing a ton of promotional appearances, and attending the Vanity Fair Oscar party with her “best friend” BJ Novak (side-eye). In my dream scenario for Mindy, while she’s out doing talk show appearances, her undercover husband Chris Pine is looking after baby Katherine. JUST LET ME HAVE THAT.

Anyway, Mindy has been telling this story on several of her talk show appearances, but it’s still interesting/funny. Apparently, she’s friendly enough with a lot of talk show hosts to the point where they were all sending her gifts for the baby. When she was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, they talked about his gift for baby Katherine: a very old-fashioned-looking baby onesie, with a bib and some other stuff. Colbert got it from a baby shop in South Carolina, where he’s from. But his gift was not the most thoughtful. No, the most thoughtful gift came from Oprah, who apparently sent a U-Haul over to Mindy’s house to deliver a hand-carved bookcase – in the shape of a castle – full of children’s books with the imprint “Katherine’s Book Club.” The look on Colbert’s face when she told him that was pretty funny.

Now I’m wondering how much baby loot Mindy got from all of her friends and family. Do you give something extra to a woman who makes a conscious choice to be a single mom? Knowing how Indian families operate, I bet there were several aunts and uncles who sent her checks or cash, because they’re worried that she won’t be able to support herself and the baby. But holy sh-t, Oprah is a really good gift-giver, isn’t she? Or is too much?

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