Eileen Shiffrin, Mikaela’s Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mikaela Shiffrin developed into one of the most impressive skiers in the world thanks in part to hard work, but Mikaela has also benefited from a team of people who have helped her succeed. Mikaela credits her mother, Eileen Shiffrin, for her dedication, and traveling with her daughter to help her perform at her best.

“I have a team around me, my physio, coaches, my mum, serviceman — all have very selfless personalities, all seem to be very much motivated to help me succeed and work towards my goals without an ulterior motive,” Mikaela told CNN.

It is no accident that Mikaela has a chance to take home multiple medals at the 2018 Olympics. Eileen along with her husband, Jeff Shiffrin, developed a training regimen for their two children, and the training seems to have worked. Mikaela’s brother Taylor skied at the University of Denver on two national title teams before pursing other business interests. Mikaela became the youngest Olympian ever to win a gold medal in slalom. Eileen’s presence on the slopes has not always been well-received by other coaches, but it has been effective.

“You have to have a couple of coaches who don’t have huge egos, who aren’t territorial and all alpha-male macho about it,” Eileen explained to The New Yorker.

Learn more about Mikaela’s coach, mother and best friend.

1. Eileen Studied Nursing at the University of New Hampshire, But Was Not Allowed to Ski Collegiately

GettyMikaela Shiffrin pictured with her mother and grandmother.

Eileen is originally from Lanesborough, Massachusetts then went to college at the University of New Hampshire. She learned to ski when she was three, and her family was a regular at area ski clubs. According to The New Yorker, the family volunteered at Mount Greylock Ski Club where they would help clear off trees and brush. Eileen skied in high school, but it was not the obsession it later became.

“I got good results, but had little formal training and didn’t take it seriously,” Eileen told The New Yorker. “For me, it was totally social.”

At the University of New Hampshire, she was not permitted to ski while studying nursing, but picked the sport back up when she met her husband Jeff.

2. Mikaela’s Parents Skied Competitively on an Adult Circuit After Meeting While Working Together at St. Elizabeth Hospital Outside Boston

GettyEileen and Jeff Shiffrin pictured with their daughter.

According to The New Yorker, Eileen finished college, and went to work in the I.C.U. at St. Elizabeth Hospital located outside of Boston. While working there, Eileen met an anesthesiologist from New Jersey who just happened to enjoy skiing as well. Jeff opened Eileen up to a whole new world by introducing her to Masters racing, a skiing circuit for adults. After first being reluctant to go, Eileen fell in love with the competition, and The New Yorker detailed her newfound dedication to skiing. …read more

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