All About Shaun White’s Rocker Girlfriend Sarah Barthel, Who ‘Understands’ the Olympian


Snowboarder Shaun White may be dominating at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but his rocker girlfriend, Sarah Barthel, has some star power of her own.

White, 31, and Barthel, 34, have been dating for about five years after first meeting backstage at Saturday Night Live. He was in New York City apartment-hunting at the time and Barthel, a native of upstate New York, was living in Brooklyn, he previously told PEOPLE.

White said he and Barthel “just bumped backstage and became friends, and then over time it kind of turned into something.” The pair now live together in the Los Angeles area.

And White said that although he and Bartel have a lot in common, their differences make them the perfect couple.

“We live in two different worlds, so that’s why it’s nice to come together and share stories from the road,” White said. “When we’re both home, it’s just like we’re home,” he says.

Here are five things to know about the edgy musician:

She’s in a Rock Band Called Phantogram

Barthel sings lead for the electro-rock duo and the New York-born band has seen national success in recent years, performing at major music festivals. Barthel even sang the national anthem at a Seattle Seahawks football game last year.

The duo has amassed a large fan base — and their 2014 hit “Fall In Love” was declared certified gold last year.

“I think fans connect with us because we’re different,” Barthel told Billboard last year. “They hear different elements of everything but can’t put their finger on it. That was what we strived for from day one.

“We looked up to artists like OutKast and Beck because they weren’t afraid to do something different and weird, and we wanted to be something like that, where there weren’t rules.”

Barthel is Super Supportive of Her Athlete Boyfriend

The singer is clearly one of White’s biggest fans.

On Wednesday morning (Tuesday night stateside), White snagged his third Olympic gold medal in the men’s halfpipe — rebounding both from a disappointing display at the 2014 Sochi Games and a crash New Zealand in October. Barthel wasted no time singing her boyfriend’s praises.

“So proud of you @shaunwhite You deserve it more than anyone else on this earth,” Barthel wrote in a recent Instagram post. “You are a hero to us all #olympics #shaunwhite.”

She added on Twitter: “That’s my boyfriend and he makes me so proud.”

Barthel also also stuck by him during the sexual harassment allegations that have plagued White’s most recent Olympics stint. As White received praised for his win, a 2016 lawsuit resurfaced in which drummer Lena Zawaideh, who played with White in the rock band Bad Things, claimed he had “repeatedly sexually harassed her and forced his authoritarian management style on her for over seven years.”

Zawaideh and White eventually reached an undisclosed settlement in May 2017, according to the Washington Post.

Her Sister, Becky, Died of Suicide in 2016

In the middle of recording Phantogram’s …read more



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