Dane Cook, 45, did a kissy beach photo op with his 19 year-old girlfriend

Age ain’t nothing but a number for Dane Cook and his girlfriend. https://t.co/zQ1zMHXQlg

— E! News (@enews) February 12, 2018

Do you remember the fact that terrible comic, Dane Cook, 45, is dating a 19 year-old singer/actress named Kelsi Taylor? Well he wants you to remember it, because Dane and Kelsi went to Hawaii together, where they posed for a photographer while kissing on the beach. We can’t afford those photos as they’re exclusives but you can see them on E! (Warning Dane is shirtless. I am playing the “picture him on top of you” game that Lainey started and it’s very unpleasant.) I would say that Dane is shameless but given his career we already knew that about him. Dane and Kelsi must not have been getting enough attention for their copious social media posts so here we are:

A source tells E! News, “Dane and Kelsi flew in on a private jet to Maui last Thursday. Dane loves Maui and visits a few times a year. He and Kelsi have already been once and they couldn’t wait to come back with friends for another vacation.”

The insider says that the lovey dovey couple has been “having a great time so far.”

As for how the trip’s been going, the spy says, “They’ve been spending a lot of time on the beach with friends, laying in the sand and wading into the ocean.”

The source also added that the two work well: “Dane and Kelsi are light hearted and playful together. They make each other laugh and are always having fun.”

The couple has been keeping busy, taking a day trip to Big Beach and enjoyed their time there.

The source said, “They were play fighting on the beach and dancing around. But they stopped themselves for some quick PDA. He grabbed her and pulled her in for a kiss. They held hands and canoodled on the beach before Kelsi put on a cover up and they went back to their hotel.”

“Dane and Kelsi worked out together in the hotel gym and had a fun dinner with their friends at the restaurant,” said the source. “They seem very happy together and can’t get enough of being in Hawaii.”

[From E! Online]

How does Dane Cook’s trip to Hawaii with his teenaged girlfriend (whom he started dating when she was 18) merit so many insider quotes about what they’re doing? I mention this every once in a while as I honestly wonder – when minor celebrities call the paps like this while they’re on vacation, do they get to write off the trip? Do they deduct part of it, like when you take a client to dinner and can deduct 50%? This is benefiting both their careers. Dane, because we’re talking about him for something other than being a gross, joke-stealing Botoxed mess and Kelsi, because she’s getting her name out there. Is it worth it to be forever known as Dane Cook’s onetime girlfriend? Because …read more

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