Samantha Geimer: Quentin Tarantino called me to apologize & ‘he is sincere’

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God, there’s so much backstory here. Okay, let’s begin: Uma Thurman finally told her story two weekends ago. The Harvey Weinstein part of the story was just what we feared it would be, that Weinstein assaulted her and mistreated her and threatened her. Uma also spoke at length about how she lost trust in Quentin Tarantino after a stunt-gone-wrong on Kill Bill. It sounded as if she felt abused by Tarantino as well (Uma later clarified that she did not believe QT had malicious intent). People began examining Tarantino’s past actions with actresses, like how he strangled Diane Kruger, and bit Fergie and more. Tarantino came out and gave a lengthy interview about what really happened with Uma and more.

Within the same news cycle, Jezebel got their hands on the 2003 audio clip from QT’s interview on Howard Stern, where Tarantino claimed that Roman Polanski’s then-13-year-old victim “wanted it” and it wasn’t really rape. Samantha Geimer is Polanski’s victim and she commented on the audio before Tarantino had a chance to apologize – which he did – saying that he was wrong about everything. As it turns out, Tarantino didn’t just offer a public apology for his Polanski comments, he also called Geimer personally and spoke to her at length to apologize. Geimer in turn spoke to Indie Wire at length about Tarantino, public apologies and the Cancellation Culture. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Her original comments on Tarantino were misconstrued: “I did not call him out or slam him. When asked, I said he was wrong, as in incorrect, about what happened. I thought he knew better now, 15 years later, and did not expect that he would repeat that, because he would only make himself look bad. Okay, I said, “like an ass.” But the sentiment was that he certainly knows better. The wording that he assumed I wanted to be “raped,” I don’t know where that came from, but he never said that. What I was really trying to say to those who called is, I don’t care. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not upset, this and worse has been happening to me for years. And mostly, I am aware that my rape is being used to attack him and I really don’t like that.

Whether she expected Tarantino to call her: “No. I mean, not personally. I thought that was nice. What if I was really mad? He called to face it personally. I think he realizes that the things he said to be shocking involve an actual person — me — and he wasn’t thinking about that at the time. He felt bad about it. While I had him on the phone, I made him talk to me about some of his movies. Ha, ha. Didn’t want to waste that opportunity. He is sincere in his apology and …read more

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