Chance the Rapper Comes Under Fire for Claiming He Brought Back Supreme and Champion


Chance the Rapper is known for many things: his “3” baseball cap, a wildly popular Coloring Book mixtape, his Kit Kat commercial — and for being an all-around nice guy. But in a recent Instagram Live video that follows Chance as he sifts through items in a packed suitcase, featuring Gucci loafers, a Thom Browne vest, and a Champion x Supreme jacket, Chance goes on the record to boldly take credit for single-handedly bringing back both Champion and Supreme.

“Everybody knows I brought Supreme back. I don’t talk about it all day because I’m not that type of dude, but I did bring Champion back,” he said during the video. “So, all of these lame n****s rockin’ Champion, y’all should thank me for making you unlame.”

Chance The Rapper says he brought Supreme and Champion back. FAXXX or fiction ?

— DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) January 10, 2018

Naturally, outrage ensued, as users immediately took to Twitter to call out Chance and give a shout-out to Tyler, the Creator for bringing back Supreme. That’s not to say Chance is without influence in his own right. In a 2016 analysis conducted by market intelligence platform Affinio, Chance was the second most influential celebrity for sneaker tech (second to Kanye West and before Drake). His onstage looks, too, have been chronicled since his claim to fame and lauded for redefining hip-hop style.

“His style is really clean and classic and also very consistent,” said Chance’s longtime stylist Whitney Middleton in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “He has very strong preferences for specific cuts and shapes that he likes. For example, he loves a crewneck or a three-button Henley shirt.”

But Chance’s claim for being solely responsible for the popularity of the two biggest streetwear brands around? Scroll through to read what Twitter uses had to say.

i’m pretty sure this guy brought back supreme. this shit

— Jonki Supreme (@Jonki_Supreme) January 10, 2018

I ain’t even seen this dude chance in supreme before

— DONHAVI (@DonHavi) January 11, 2018

Chance saying he brought supreme and champion back is as true as the earth being flat

— Owen Renaud (@OwenRenaud) January 11, 2018

Chance saying he brought Supreme back definitely top 5 wildest things I’ve ever heard…

— Randall. (@Randeezy_II) January 10, 2018

Tyler the creator is responsible for supremes blow up period

— Lil Moon (@MikeyFlows) January 10, 2018

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