Snooki & Jionni LaValle: We’re Living Apart, But We’re NOT Divorced!

Jionni LaValle with Snooki

Rumors that Snooki and Jionni LaValle are headed for divorce have been circulating non-stop several months now, because apparently a surprising number of people still care what the former stars of Jersey Shore are up to these days.

Of course, the vast majority of those people didn’t tune into the recent Jersey Shore reunion special which tanked in the ratings, but that’s a different story…

For a long time, Snooki and Jionni refused to address the divorce rumors at all, which only furthered suspicions that they were on the verge of calling it quits.

And it’s hard to see why fans were convinced a divorce announcement was in the offing.

Seemingly out of the blue, Snooki abruptly stopped posting photos of Jionni on her Instagram page.

According to Radar Online, LaValle was even absent from the family Christmas card photo.

Some Snooki aficionados proposed other theories, but everyone seemed in agreement that comething was up with the LaValles.

And it looked as though whatever it was, they would do their best to keep it under wraps for the foreseeable future.

These days, however, Snooki is more in the spotlight than at any other time since the peak of her Shore fame, which makes it all but impossible to keep a secret.

It’s universally understood that Snooks is who people are tuning in to see (if they tune in, that is), which meand Mrs. Polizzi-LaValle is even more front-and-center than her cast mates.

Yes, folks may have lost interest in The Situation’s situation, but Snooki has maintained a pretty steady social media following over the years.

As in her Shore days, much of Snooki’s appeal stems from her candor, which may be why she’s decided to finally address the divorce rumors…

…by having Jionni clear things up:

“My wife is filming a scene packing up and leaving for her new show and I am choosing not to be on TV because I simply do not like it,” Jionni wrote on Instragam this week.

That may sound worrisome, but it turns out the reason he doesn’t want any part of the scene is that he doesn’t want her to go.

“I own my own business and work hard at it, that’s what I do,” LaValle.

“My wife is a reality star and works hard at that, that’s what she does.”

He did not respond to the persistent fan question about whether or not he and Snooki are living apart, but he did insist that they’re “not divorced.”

So it doesn’t sound like it’s all rainbows and sunshine in Snooki and Jionni’s world, but it does seem like they’re trying to work things out.

Probably not the best timing for her take off on a drunken road trip with a bunch of guys she’s previously hooked up with, but what are ya gonna do?

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