Dramatic video shows wild police shootout on I-15

SPANISH FORK — More than 75 shots were exchanged, all but three of them from police.

Amazingly, not one officer or even a law enforcement vehicle was hit.

On Wednesday, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office released dramatic dash camera video of a tense Dec. 20 shootout on I-15 between Springville and Orem, with a man that, unknown to deputies at that time, had already shot a man in Aurora, Colorado and left him for dead, according to investigators.

Two videos showing the same incident from different angles were released. Utah County sheriff’s deputies do not currently wear body cameras.

The wild events of that day began when Arturo Gallemore-Jimenez, 37, of Clearfield, became angry that he had locked his keys in his pickup truck at a truck stop in Nephi and broke into his car by shooting out a window, according to police.

Deputies spotted the truck a short time later on I-15 near Springville. Because Gallemore-Jimenez had already fired a shot, four deputies and a Spanish Fork police officer were used to make the traffic stop.

The video shows deputies getting out of their cars, approaching the pickup truck and ordering Gallemore-Jimenez to put his hands out the window. Just moments later, without any words being exchanged, one of his hands can be seen returning inside the truck. A deputy is heard telling others, “Careful.”

Without warning, the video depicts Gallemore-Jimenez firing three rounds at the officers. All five officers returned fire. In six seconds, more than 50 rounds were exchanged. Just three of them were fired by Gallemore-Jimenez, said Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy.

But considering there were five officers, each of them firing eight to 12 rounds, Tracy believes it was an appropriate response. In those six seconds, the sheriff said the officers had to determine what the threat level was and what they needed to do stop the gunman from getting away.

“We all good?” a deputy is heard in the video talking on his police radio as the truck pulls away and the pursuit resumes.

A Provo man, 21, who was parked off the side of the freeway putting gas in his vehicle — about 1,600 feet in front of the shootout — was hit in the shoulder either by an errant shot or by a fragment that ricocheted, Tracy said. Investigators now believe the man was hit by an officer’s bullet. His injuries were not life threatening.

A Chevrolet Duramax carrying a man, woman and their four children was also hit during the shootout. A bullet went through the truck’s back window, narrowly missing a 4-year-old boy in a car seat in the back and the father who was driving. No one was inured. Police believe that shot also came from a law enforcement officer.

After the first exchange of gunfire, Gallemore-Jimenez continued driving north on I-15, but only at 30 mph because his two rear tires were shot out, Tracy said. The video shows backup officers following the pickup truck from a distance while other officers slowed down other cars on the freeway to keep …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Utah News


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