4 charged after N.J. teen allegedly held in basement ‘torture chamber’

The girl told police the defendants shaved her head and sexually assaulted her, police said.

Four people in Massachusetts are facing serious charges after police say they kept a 16-year-old girl from New Jersey tied up in their freezing basement, where they shaved her head, burned and beat her.

Police rescued the girl from the Auburn house on Dec. 28 after receiving a tip that she was being held there, according to court documents obtained by MassLive.com.

MassLive.com reported that the four defendants were all deemed too dangerous to release from jail by a Worcester District Court judge Jan. 5. They are siblings Krystal Lugo, 23, and Christopher Lugo, 19, and friends Yariel Torres-Abee, 22, and Yuleny Ortiz, 19.

Auburn police have not released much information on the girl, including her hometown, and did not return calls Tuesday. The search warrant affidavit authored by Det. James R. Lyman Jr., says she told a detective she was a runaway from New Jersey and had been in Massachusetts for about six weeks.

The affidavit shows the girl told police a harrowing story of being drugged and sexually assaulted on Christmas, and the following day, after the defendants blamed her for a home invasion, tied up and beaten.

It isn’t clear if or how she knew the four defendants before Christmas morning. She told police a friend she knew picked her up, with Ortiz and another female in the car. She said they gave her 3 1/2 Xanax pills and then a “cigar blunt.” She said Christopher Lugo told her later the blunt was also laced with Xanax, because Ortiz and the other female wanted to drug her and have sex with her, Lyman wrote in the affidavit.

The girl told police that she was sexually assaulted by multiple people at the home, but Christopher Lugo is the only one of the four charged with rape, MassLive.com reported.

The girl then told police that on the morning of Dec. 27 she was sleeping in the basement with Ortiz when she heard the home invasion take place. She told them the two men demanded “weed,” pistol whipped Christopher Lugo, and shots were fired, according to the affidavit.

Lyman wrote that the girl told police that the defendants believed she had orchestrated the home invasion and were demanding information about the men.

At first, she said, Krystal Lugo forced her outside without shoes and started hitting her. She told police that the Lugo siblings plus two other people dragged her through the basement by her hair, kicked and finally duct taped her to the chair. There, they demanded information and repeatedly threatened to kill her with a machete as one was pushed against her throat, she told police.

“Krystal told the victim that every time she lied the machete would be placed harder to her neck,” Lyman wrote.

The girl told police that her captors shaved her head with an electric shaver and burned her with cigarettes and a clothes iron while she was tied up, the documents shows.

Just before midnight, police received the tip about …read more

Source:: New Jersey Real-Time News


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