It’s time New York City apologize for this White House

Donald Trump

The publication of a new book has caused a massive public rift between President Donald Trump and his former adviser, Steve Bannon.
It has gotten ugly. New York City-tabloid ugly.
As a New Yorker, sorry. Also: It could get worse.

New York City owes the rest of the country an apology.

The national political discourse has mutated into something that belongs in one of our petty gossip rags, and it’s the fault of a bunch of New Yorkers.

We’re sorry.

This weekend the hot Manhattan mess festered like the city’s summer garbage awaiting pickup. President Donald Trump, in a stunning bit of political choreography, held a press briefing excommunicating his former adviser, Steve Bannon.

Or, as the president deemed him on Twitter, “Sloppy Steve.”

Bannon — seemingly about as cowed as he is capable of being — then wrote a lengthy kind-of apology for the explosive comments he had made about Donald Trump Jr., the Russia investigation, and more, as quoted in Michael Wolff’s new book on the White House, “Fire and Fury.”

Of course, the tension between Bannon and Trump had been building long before the first excerpt of that book appeared, leading to Bannon’s departure from the White House in August — a departure the president now characterizes as a firing during which Bannon “cried” for his job.

Weeks ago at Mar-a-Lago, Don Jr. asked a Bannon associate to tell him to squash his leak-driven feud with Ivanka Trump and her husband, the presidential son-in-law and real-estate scion, Jared Kushner. Or Javanka, as team Bannon likes to call them.

Based on the president’s reaction since the book came out, it doesn’t seem as if Bannon listened — or at least it seems had the misfortune to see insults he’d said to Wolff over the previous months — Ivanka is “dumb as a brick”; a criminal investigation into Jared’s “greasy” dealings will be the president’s downfall — published in a best-selling book.

Maybe the president also noticed Bannon only sort of apologized for what he’d said about Don Jr., but not about Ivanka or Jared.

A New York real-estate brawl

For New Yorkers, this should all be depressingly familiar: the name-calling; the chest-beating; using friends to send warnings in a game of telephone; using the media to accuse your enemies of being obsessed with the media; leaking; huffing on and off of private jets; public denunciations.

This is a New York real-estate brawl. It doesn’t belong in the White House. It belongs on Page Six, next to Gambino crime family arrests and the scoop on whatever Lindsey Lohan did in the Maldives.

This isn’t to say that no one in America asked for this kind of entertainment; they knew whom they voted for.

But it’s unclear if they realized exactly what kind of baggage someone like Trump brings with him. Not just in the people he keeps around him, but in the way he learned to deal with problems.

Trump, a product of his environment, fights like a gaudy, shameless, fame-hungry New York real-estate guy. And now that’s everyone’s …read more

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