Kyle MacLachlan (‘Twin Peaks: The Return’): Playing 3 characters this time was a ‘new adventure’ [Complete Interview Transcript]

It was a very long 25 years since Kyle MacLachlan had played FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. And when “Twin Peaks: The Return” started filming for Showtime last year, he still didn’t get to play him for as many scenes as audiences might have thought. Creators David Lynch and Mark Frost elected instead to have him play Cooper, insurance agent Dougie Jones, and an evil Cooper doppelgänger. We interviewed MacLachlan recently, so watch that exclusive 20-minute video above or read the complete transcript below.

MacLachlan twice competed at the Emmys as Best Drama Actor for the original run of “Twin Peaks” (1990 and 1991), and won the Golden Globe for Best TV Drama Actor in 1991. He contended at SAG three times as part of the ensemble for “Desperate Housewives” (2007, 2008, and 2009).

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Gold Derby (Chris Beachum): Hey Kyle, when you decided to do “Twin Peaks” again, a couple years now making that decision, how much did David Lynch and Mark Frost tell you about the direction they wanted to take and the fact that you’d be playing several people along the way?

Kyle MacLachlan: Well, David hinted at it during our initial conversations about it but it wasn’t until I read through the entire script, which is about 500+ pages that I got a real grasp of what he was asking me to do and it was both thrilling and exciting and also a little overwhelming, because it’s me (laughs). So it’s gonna have to work or not based on what I’m able to bring, but David felt absolutely confident that I was the guy and I could do it, so that went a long way in giving me the confidence.

Gold Derby (Zach Laws): You’re so well-known for playing Agent Cooper in “Twin Peaks.” I wonder if part of the appeal in doing this was that you would be able to play all these different characters, Dougie Jones, Evil Cooper, and that Dale Cooper was going to be kind of towards the end?

KM: I mean, to be honest, it was exciting. In a way I felt we were picking up where we left off from the original series with the inhabitation of the character of Cooper by this evil entity of BOB. So there was a connection to the past but these two new roles definitely pointed toward the future and they were asking me as an actor to do things that I had never really done before. I mean, there are shades of Dougie in a role that I did years ago in a movie called “The Hidden,” but just shades. And the Mr. C character, or doppelgänger character, was a complete new adventure for me. So as an actor, of course, those were absolutely thrilling prospects and I also felt having David Lynch as the director, the overseer of this as well, that I would be very …read more

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